Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"The River of No Return" by Chelsea Hoffman

The River of No Return
on the trail of Jim DiMaggio & Hannah Anderson 

By Chelsea Hoffman 

Date of re~release by Crime Scene Media 11/15/2013

 James Lee DiMaggio purchased this beautiful 235,000.00 cabin in 2009. And as you can see, what a beautiful home it is, or should I say: was. Jim was a telecommunications technician with the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego. 

On August 4, 2013 the most horrific event took place on the Boulevard in California. The San Diego County Sheriffs Fire Department were alerted to a fire by a telephone call, by someone whom lived in the area. 2071 Ross Ave a two story cabin home, a place that someone once called home and once felt safe in.....

One Kyle Custeay and Captain Gesell discover a female body in the garage under a green tarp. The arson call, immediately becomes a homicide investigation. After finding the dead woman, a bloody crowbar is found. The Police keep this information on the down low, for a while. Hoping it will help with leads. After finding the crowbar, they find a dead slain dog, covered with a sleeping bag. But this still isn't the worst part. A child gets found within the home, so burnt, so distraught in ashes, still smoldering that you can't even tell who it is, let alone what sex the child is. 

Not only that, the top of the Child's skull is missing, someone went through some difficult measures to make sure these bodies were unidentifiable. 

After realizing this was arson and murder, a Mother Christina Anderson is the woman found dead. The body of the little Child, they took DNA from the marrow in hopes from identifying the body. 

On August 6, 2013 an Amber Alert was issued for a teen age girl Hannah Anderson and James Lee DiMaggio who was a close family friend of the woman who laid slain on the garage floor. They first put the alert in residents of California, but eventually across the Nation. The Police were assuming that DiMaggio was the sole executioner of the incidents in question: presumed kidnapping, murder and arson. Let us not forget, the mother was found murdered in the home, and Hannah is missing, and Hannah's brother is still missing too.... Or is he?!

The FBI ends up finding James DiMaggio and.... Killing him. Hannah Anderson is found Alive. The child body: her brother. 

Chelsea dedicated her research in this book to: Christina, Ethan and Jim; which she had to have rewritten because the previous publishers ruined it, and vanished. She dedicated her work to them, in hopes that one day: their truths would be told. 

Why? Because no one honestly never was able to question James DiMaggio were they? They never were able to hear his side of the story....only Hannah. 

These are the questions I publicly ask Chelsea because she wouldn't allow me to email her questions and ask them like I normally do in an interview. So pardon me, because yes, this look unprofessional, but apparently this is the approach I had to take. You work with what you can and when you can, to get what you want! 

And I personally, think this read was worth my dollar donation to Chelsea's blog, because this was a very worth while read. Very intriguing. 

You can learn more about Chelsea Hoffman at: and you can find her on @CHProfiler! 

The above questions you see, are me asking her about the previous editors whom ruined her book, she gives you the details about them in the begining. These publishers seem rude: "Taylor Street Publishing" ....oh and like complete and utter failures.....