Monday, October 13, 2014

"Life Could be a Dream" by Scott Curtis

I was lucky enough to acquire the book: "Life Could be a Dream" by second time- Author Scott Curtis. As you may well have noticed, I reviewed his first book, "Mommy's Choice." as well.
I can honestly say, that Scott Curtis has made his way into my personal category of favorite writers. And that is not an easy title to get. I originally had three favorite Authors, and they were: Stephen King, John Grisham and Iris Johansen.

Several months back, I removed King- for several reasons not worthy of discussion here. But now, in order of preference are as follows: Iris Johansen, Scott Curtis, and John Grisham.

But enough about me, let me tell you about this wonderful book!

This book is not what I expected, especially after reading his first book; I expected it to take a different route all together. Since we were dealing with domestic violence in the book, I thought it would truly be a nightmare, which is a type of dream, or something to do with his past. Because, if you read the back of the book, it deals with the fifties.

Once again, as with "Mommy Dearest" I started the book in the afternoon, and couldn't go to bed until it was done. I wanted to- trust me, and the last five or so pages, I was like so tired, but there was no way I could leave myself with unanswered questions. I had to know more!

Sean is them main character, he is the one with the abusive father. His Mother, Melissa is in abusive relationship, and often worries about her son, because she has already lost her daughter. Well, that in itself, I feel I have said too much, because things turn out so differently at the end, you will have drop jaw. I will tell you, as with many of Scott's books, he time travels in them. As does he in this one. Sean hides out fifty years in the past, in 1958. He meets a beautiful girl, her name is Clara. The book opens your heart, and makes you dream, and think. Most of all, imagine. 

If you read "Mommy's choice" you may want to know, if this book, is that detailed in the aspect of the Christianity, and Bible quotations. It does speak and refer to the Bible and Christianity, yes. But no, it is nothing like his first book. It just guides you to look at your life, do things for the greater good, behave yourself and make yourself a better person. Yes, there are biblical quotes, but these ones are more understanding and make a quicker and better impact on you and your life choices. Yes "Mommy's Choice" does the same, but the two are very different, trust me.

I did however email Mr. Curtis, because he is one of those Authors who does want to know what you think. He told me, that he truly enjoyed writing this book. And if you read it, trust me, you will see why. Read it, absorb it, and then use your imagination.

This book is a truly must read. It deals with Science Fiction, romance, life and Christianity. Who knew you could mix them all up like that, but it certainly worked, and I was truly impressed, and now my teens are reading it. I can hardly wait for Mr. Curtis to put out another book, I love being pulled into his thoughts, "dreams" and words. They make me "see" and relate and keep me wanting more.
On a scale of one to ten, ten being the best, I give this book a perfect ten, two thumbs up and a standing ovation!

To you who are reading this, go buy this book! You can get it at Amazon, order online and have it in a few days! You will be glad you did! And that is being said by an avid, every day reader!