Monday, October 13, 2014

"Beyond the Event Horizon" by Scott Curtis

Beyond the Event Horizon by Scott Curtis McElhaney

A Novel by Scott Curits
This book is three hundred and ten pages long. And when it ended, I was quite upset, because I was left wanting more.

I feel this book could very much be an ongoing mini-series or saga. I in fact contacted the writer and told him so. After all, we are all entitled to our opinions.

This book leads you in many different directions, and you will want to read it if you like time travel, mystery, suspense, science fiction with a bit of humor and romance all wrapped up into one! Yes, it can be done, and was even done so with tact and best of all-enough class to throw in Christianity!

And before you go jumping to conclusions, for those of you who feel the "Christianity" has made you "not" want to read this book, let me advise you before you turn away- this version of Christianity within the words written by Scott Curits are not pushy, and meant to force God upon you. His words may in fact just be meant to familiarize you with the Lord, and get you to " thinking." If anything.
And as you read these well written words by Scott Curtis, you will be forced to do just that---think!!

You will look at our World today, and wonder what it "may" be like in the future, because after all, we are an ever changing World. And if you are anything like me, as I read his words, I remembered our past. Hitler came to mind for me. Because within this Novel Skylar Raines, who times travels and reads journals written by the people from the future learns, people from our past have somewhat experienced, in some ways. Not every event is the same, it is in fact has became much worse, that if more people would read this book-it just might open their eyes to a reality that we might not want.
Now, into the details of my read:

As I read the book, in the beginning, I found the book very similar to Scott Curtis' other book, "Life could be a dream" reading about Skylar Raines. Then it changed dramatically. I dearly loved how the computer system and Skylar became friends, and the "Hal" comparison from 2001 space odyssey. I couldn't help but chuckle there. Then when we switched to the future characters on the ship, I was upset, because I still wanted to learn more about Skylar and what he had learned and found.

However, I fell in love with the characters on the ship, too. Autumn and Chasen, you can't help but want their future to work out. You have a mystery to wonder about, a murder, and some other strange things. It is very engaging and keeps you involved and wanting more. Then you learn about the older people on the ship, and how they tried to make it a catastrophe, and failed. Then you learn about the planet where the ship is heading to. You feel bad for those people, and what all they have been through.

Then after a while, the book takes you onto the planet, and you learn of those people. In one section, again I ended up chuckling, because of the families down there on said planet. There are children there, a blind woman, elderly people, and the people on the planet have had their fair share of attacks, and illnesses, and trials and tribulations.

My favorite section with the people on the planet was when the young adults who lived with their mother and friend, recently married decided to sneak and have sex. Mind you, they are married! To do so, they put their dresser in front of their bedroom door. They called this moving furniture. There was a conversation a few months later or so between the son's mother, the daughter in law and the son. I can't remember exactly, but it embarrassed the daughter in law, and the son said they were moving furniture. The daughter in law, explained that the furniture moving had caused her to become pregnant. The mother became ecstatic and said they could move all the furniture they wanted, in fact, get in their right now, if it meant having more grand babies she didn't care. I couldn't help but laugh! Now the son had became embarrassed, it was a great section, you really have to read it!

The spaceship makes it to the planet. Luckily the good people on the planet were in hiding because the spaceship was set up with heat censored bombs. On the other side of the planet were the bad people. No one really knows if the bad people received the forewarning transmission from Amber and Chasen that they were coming. Then as you read, you are made aware that the good people on the planet had been building a boat to get to the other side of the planet. But you are left to wonder, did they ever really make it there, and did the people ever colonize together -- .what all happened and what all could have happened.

Then you are taken back to Skylar Raines. He lands on the planet, by an escape pod, because the planet has guns and rays to shoot any landing ships out of the sky. He loses his best friend, the awesome computer I told you about. He lands safely on the planet, finds the journals and writings of these people who seemed to be missing, or dead, or -- ..something -- --  

This is where I think many different ways could go with the next book -- ..  

Maybe they are on the other side of the planet? Maybe they are dead -- .who's to say?

Will Scott entice us yet again with another awesome book, continuing the journey where Autumn and Chasen left off, or "what!?!?" -- ..what can Scott tell us next?

And in case you are wondering, yes Skylar Raines did return to his normal time period.

This book is two thumbs up in my eyes, and I would most definitely like to read each and every book Scott writes, as always I am a loyal fan to Scott Curtis. He is an excellent writer and I enjoy his "way with words and his imagination!" Keep it up Scott! I am a fan for life!