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Bella Swann shares "The Claiming of Angelica the SuperNatural Sleuth"...

Bella Swann 

Shares with me: "The Claiming of Angelica, the SuperNatural Sleuth" 'Her Erotic Adventures in the Kaiju Kingdom'

I've noticed that many have pet peeves about erotica. I'm not one of them. I in fact will read anything, that is just how much I love to read: which is why I felt I could be a critic with a blog about books. I'm open minded and love to read. 

Sorry, I know I often share a bit of me as I write as well. But that's what makes life interesting. Reading, learning and sharing....

Bella Swann is an excellent writer, her words are sensual to say the least. And I won't lie, she managed to awaken my insides rather quickly, and often. Her main character Angelica in my eyes, is extraordinarily beautiful. In real life, it takes contact lenses to have violet eyes. This lovely lady had them, and a body to die for. She is spirited, and just amazing. 

Angelica (after researching Bella and the character of Angelica) is a heroine who continuously goes out to help others, and she does this through sex, BDSM, and pain. She isn't afraid to use her body for this, because it pleases her, and in the end it is a much needed satisfaction and pleasure that she truly needed to feel like none other. 

There are many books out about Angelica, as you can tell. I don't know if they need to be read in any particular order. But when I read this one, I was pleased, and intend to seek out the rest of them. I would like to read more, and continue seeing how Angelica solves more problems. I think you should too. Who knew solving problems could be so... Sexual. (Big smile!) 

I give this book five stars and look forward to hearing more from Angelica and Bella in the near future. Hopefully in my inbox too! 

Here are my questions for Bella:

What made you decide to write this book?
I love watching science fiction and fantasy movies and always have been fascinated by the human-monster relationships that developed in them. The curse of an erotica writer who specializes in writing about kinky monster sex and BDSM is always to imagine how humans would have sex with these monsters in order to conquer or be conquered sexually by them. This book, The Claiming of Angelica, the Supernatural Sleuth: Her Erotic Adventures in the Kaiju Kingdom was inspired by the movie Pacific Rim as well as the Godzilla movies. I simply imagined how Angelica’s complete sexual submission to the Kaiju could prevent an apocalypse.
Are any of the characters derived from people you know?
No. As a supernatural sleuth, however, Angelica is my erotic homage to Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and Tomb Raider. She’s a beautiful woman with a lot of spunk – if you know what I mean ;-)
 Are you considering writing more books?
Absolutely. I love writing erotica as much as I enjoy reading it. So far, I have written three books about Angelica, the Supernatural Sleuth who is one of my favourite characters. In the past, she has gone off on all sorts of erotic adventures including a haunted house (Her Erotic Adventures in the Haunted House on the Hill) and the dangerous Elysian jungle (Her Erotic Adventures in the Dangerous Elysian Jungle). I will soon send her off to explore the North Pole where she will encounter some randy elves and reindeer and a few other horny creatures.
How long did it take you to write this book?
It took a few weeks to plot out the storyline and then do the writing and editing of the story. I have to try to squeeze writing in while working a full-time day job. Sometimes, I am simply too tired to write so I just plot out ideas of what I will write when I have the time.
How many books have you written all together?
So far, I have written 14 books in a few different series. I have a series of some innocent angels who fall into sin called the Angels of the Light series. I have a series of erotic fairy tales called Twisted Fairy Tales for the Sexually Adventurous. I have a Super Heroines in Erotic Bondage and a Warrior Women of Chrysalis series. The series featuring Angelica, the Supernatural Sleuth is called The Sexual Misadventures of Angelica, the Surprisingly Submissive Supernatural Sleuth. My newest series is Submissive Mermaids of Avalon in Erotic Captivity.
 What advice would you offer to someone considering or trying to become an aspiring writer?
I would say that you have to have faith in yourself and a thick skin because there will always be people who do not like what you have written and you must not take their criticism to heart. I think you need to also read other people’s stories whether or not they are the same genre that you write in. You can always find inspiration where you least expect it. Finally, if you have great ideas but poor grammatical skills, you need to get an editor or proof reader. Your books are your brand and you do not want to damage your brand with poor writing. If you cannot afford a professional, then go to the English Department at a nearby community college or university and see if you can hire a graduate student to edit your work.
What are your future goals?
I would like to keep writing erotica. I am working on an erotic version of the Cinderella story right now. I also have some ideas about a new vampire series as well as doing erotic interpretations of Greek myths that I would like to write in the future.
Are you currently on a book tour?
Alas, no. I just have to hope that as more and more people buy my books, that word-of-mouth will lead to increased sales instead.
What are your hobbies?
I love reading, and watching movies and TV in all genres. I am currently addicted to Border Security: Canada’s Front Line, Criminal Minds, Stalker, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, and The Mindy Project.
Who are all your favorite writers?
George Orwell, Margaret Atwood, Mercedes Lackey, Beverly Connor, Tanya Huff, Patricia Briggs, John Sandford, and David Eddings.
Have you ever had writer’s block?
I do sometimes get writer's block. This usually happens when a character refuses to act in the way I want him or her to do. It's frustrating because I want to write a scene in a certain way and the character won't let me. When that happens, I stop writing and go away from my computer a while. I think about the story, the specific scene I'm working on, and my character's personality and motivations. Then I go back and sometimes re-write parts of earlier scenes to give my character the personality or motivation he or she needs to act the way I want him or her to act. However, sometimes, I simply change my ideas about what will happen in the scene and write my character according to his or her whims. That tends to solve the problem of writer's block.
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Anything that you’d like to add?
My stories are full of explicit and creative fantasies, BDSM, dubious consent, monster sex, pleasurable humiliation, and lots of other fun and sexy kinks. Because erotica writers often push boundaries, some of my books are not available on all sites. If your favourite book seller does not have one of my books, please keep looking on other sites until you find it. Thanks for spending your hard-earned money on my work. I will do my best to give you with lots and lots of happy endings ;-)