Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Sins of the Sexual Sadist!" By Chelsea Hoffman

"Sins of the Sexual Sadist" by Chelsea Hoffman

As I read this..... The beginning warned me, it would be graphic and.... Sorry, I just had a cold shiver again. I will warn you, things like a "curling iron" a simple tool to beautify our hair, will never "look" the same to me. And if you read this, you might feel the same as well. Amongst other things. 

But the best part, is it is not just reminiscing about what these "Criminals" have done. It is also educational, teaching you as to why, and what "could have" made them that way. 

Chelsea also gives you her perspective in the end of each section and case, enlightening you. In fact, Chelsea pen palled with one. She pen palled with Michelle Michaud! 

I learned a lot from this, not just about different cases that I was unfamiliar with, but also about "Sexual Sadism" and murderers and the sick things they do, and perhaps why. Like for instance: Ariel Castro knew there was something wrong with him. He made notations and left them to be found later. 

I found this book education, eye opening, and worth reading; but only to those who know they can handle it. It is not a book for everyone. I am glad that I gave had the chance to read it and review it, so that others who are "considering" to buy it, may now "decide" whether this book is right for them or not. Because it is very graphic, in pictures and details. I myself, can handle it, as someone with an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. But like I said: be ready to be enlightened and moved. And be ready to "learn" with and from Chelsea Hoffman. She educates you, and takes you through her path and what she has learned along the way. I found it inspiring, and I enjoying reading and learning from Chelsea. I think anyone that knows and loves Chelsea, will feel the same way! 

I give this book five stars, as I found it educational, and eye opening. Still, I am a strong supporter of Chelsea Hoffman.

She is very strong, being of sound mind and body, accused of wrong doings by a company that refuses to pay her, cyberbullies, and various other criminal masterminds out there. Fortunately, there are those of us here, who believe in her, and will continue to support her, along the way.

Thank you for all the hard work you do Chelsea.

Allow me to briefly show you what you will learn in this amazing eye opening book:

Is it just me or does this guy look like Q from Star Trek?!

My Interview Questions for Chelsea Hoffman:

1. What made you decide to write this book? I study the criminal mind and trends in crime. In particular, I study serial killers. Many of the serial killers who have made headline are sexual sadists. I wrote the book (and researched) to help gain and share a better understanding of this paraphillic disorder.

2. While writing this book, did any of it gross you out, freak you out, or shock you?
I'm desensitized to the more gruesome details in these cases, since I've covered so many cases, but sexual sadists in general scare me. They're people who actually *want* to hurt others.

3. While writing this book; did you yourself learn a few things?
I learned not to judge people too harshly, even if their actions are unforgivable. 

4. Who out of these Criminals, would you say is the most intriguing?
Michelle Michaud. Out of all of them, she seemed to be the most well-adjusted (if that's the word someone would want to use to describe her)

5. How long did you research this book?
Off and on for about a year, taking a break in the middle to write "River of No Return"

6. Is Michelle your only prison pen pal, or do you have others?
I've written many others, but Michelle seemed eager to talk to someone. However, I think she's more interested in talking to men than women.

7. What made you want to write to Michelle?
I was curious about her personality.

8. How long have you been a Criminal profiler?
Hard to answer this one. In a way, I guess I've been one since my childhood since that is when I began self-studying. I'm only an indie/hobbyist profiler so there's no set "date." However, Ive only started referring to myself as a profiler in the past four years.

9. What made you want to become a Criminal profiler?
I never really "wanted" to be one. It just kind of fell into my lap since my interests have always leaned toward studying crime and killers. I've had a lot of jobs but I really can't see myself doing anything other than what I'm doing now.

10. Off topic: please tell me (if you want to) how and why all the negativity about you has came to exist, and help others to see you as I do.

To be completely honest, the negativity about me is mostly fabricated -- though I've said my fair share of negative things. The thing about the internet is that a lot of people use the facade of anonymity to say things they'd never say in real life. That includes being overly-critical of others and being unnecessarily rude when they think nobody is paying attention. There are also a lot of self-entitled people on the internet, who use the online buffer to unleash their inner demons on others who may not see eye-to-eye with them. These types of people have come to my blog posts and social media profiles to be venomous and just plain mean. And I sometimes respond in a less than graceful manner. I am not good at biting my lip while someone is insulting/attacking me.

This is especially the case with a lot of my "haters." (or fans in denial as I call them) Over the past 6 years I've accumulated haters from all walks of life. Some of them are former colleagues from writing sites that I used to write for (like Demand Studios) and some of them are people who have latched on to me over the years because they don't agree with xyz opinion. They don't like that I'm atheist. That I'm a feminist. That I'm a liberal voter. That I'm someone who has strong opinions and I'm not afraid to share them, nor will I back down from them just because some bully wants to attack me over them. 

Some examples: I think Amanda Knox was involved in Meredith Kercher's slaying -- so all of Knox's deranged little fans on Twitter/etc smear and harass me daily. I think Madeleine McCann's death was covered up by her parents -- so naturally supporters of her parents also smear and harass me on Twitter daily -- as well as on other social media sites.

Yes, I've said very mean things to people in retaliation to being called fat, stupid, a liar, etc etc. But the majority of the gossip and rumors about me is just that: Gossip and rumors (such as me being fired from various writing sites, such as me being a plagiarist, etc. None of these things are true in the slightest.)

The saddest part about the negativity:  These creeps who make fake profiles, who stalk me, who harass me and my fans: They honestly think they're doing something good and worthwhile There are a lot of criminally delusional people on the internet, sadly.

11. Please tell me all the books you have written, and where we can all buy them from:

12. Please provide for us all of your links, to your web sites, Twitter, Facebook, etc, so that others may follow you: 

13. Any last comments you would like to add for your readers and fans:
Of course: Don't ever let anyone stifle your opinions. Don't hold them in for fear of being "rude," or fear of gaining bullies and cyberstalkers like I have. These people fear intelligent and strong women, and the best defense against that is for there to be MORE intelligent and strong women who are willing to speak up for their ideas and opinions. 

Special Note from Deneale K. Williams:  

Number one, question 11 was not answered, I did NOT delete nor erase it. Number two, I am a Christian, I believe in God, and am against abortion. (Unless certain circumstances should arise.) I vote republican. (Most of the time) I wanted to point out these differences. Chelsea and I are aware of these things that are different about the both of us. Does it stop us from being friends? No. On another note, because I am friends with Chelsea, I have acquired the very same cyberbullies as her whom are now tag teaming us both. Has that stopped us from being friends too? No. One thing you need to learn, do your homework and check your facts before automatically believing everything you hear and read. Number two, stop assuming. Number three, life is short, and this is the only one you've got, and last but not least, good friends are hard to come by. Enjoy the ones you have.