Saturday, May 9, 2015

"The Berenstain Bears in God Bless Our Country" by Mike Berenstain

"The Berenstain Bears in God Bless Our Country" by Mike Berenstain

I grew up reading and loving "The Berenstain Bears!" Brother and Sister bear did everything and learned so much, and Mama and Papa Bear taught them right from wrong, and helped us as Children to do the same. 

So when the chance to review "God Bless Our Country" for 'BookLook Bloggers' came to me, (Harper Collins Christian Publishing), I jumped at the chance! 

The book includes a sheet of stickers, here is a screenshot of said sheet: 

The book is about the Fourth of July, our Soldiers, our great Country and how God blesses our Country, and how blessed we are also.

The book, written by Mike Berenstain, (which the books are usually written by Stan and Jan.) is beautifully detailed and explains everything just as clearly, so that every Child will understand.

I truly enjoyed this book, it is everything I knew it would be and more. A beautiful five star review, perfect to share with the whole family. 

I loved how it touches base with America, the Statue of Liberty, our Flag, the Country, and made it work together so perfectly. Not many Children's books have portrayed and put it together as perfectly as this! 

Everyone will enjoy it, time and time again. This will be a book you will be honored to have in your collection, and to hand down to your next generation of grandchildren too. 

Make sure to check out this book, you will glad you did. Everyone loves the Berenstain Bears!