Monday, May 4, 2015

"Lucas" by Susan Fisher- Davis



Susan Fisher- Davis

When Susan came to me, she offered me up several books. I was excited, because she was led to me by another great Author, Christine Ashworth. (I'm going from memory here, and I am almost positive I have that right, if not I will fix it.)


I am always excited to read another new book by an author that I am unfamiliar with. And if an Author I am already familiar with, sends them my way, then that makes me even more excited.

When she sent me the book, I firstly, kept looking at the cover. I wasn't ready to go any further, I mean look at it. Tell me, you wouldn't just starting turning pages. No, you're going to admire that hunk too. Don't even lie.

It's no wonder she dedicated the book to the photographer! 

This book is pretty emotional, and makes you think about relationships and people, some of you have been on this road that I read. And I am sure will relate to the words. 

Immediately I felt strong feelings for Emily Walters who has an ex-husband who is being released from prison. I pictured him as a descent looking guy as well, because you see, Emily has taste. She can't help it he turned out the way he was, you see we don't all come with warning labels, unfortunately.

Emily knows she will need protection, and she remembers one of 'the bad boys of Dry River' Lucas Taggart, and she remembers that he doesn't put up with anyone or anything. He is one of those type of bad boys who just  doesn't back down from anyone.

Now as for Lucas, he isn't the type interested in marriage. But on the other hand, he is interested in Emily's land: 'Whispering Pines'. 

So in agreement, and understanding, and of course a bit of an eye brow raised, and an evil plan afoot, they get married. 

Adam, still considers Miss Emily as his wife, and wants to come home and make things work. But Lucas, who now holds her hand in marriage, also now holds her heart as well. Something Lucas didn't plan on.

Once Adam is finally out of the picture, Emily will have a big announcement for Lucas. One she has been keeping secret. 

What do you think it will be? Now that Adam is finally out of her life for good, will she stay with Lucas, or move on and be a free woman?

Read this amazing five star book and learn for yourself, because it is an amazing read, and you will be pulled deep within its pages, and keep wanting more. You will be pulled in different directions, and end up talking along as you read, rooting the characters on, trust me. I was.

Here are my questions for Susan:

1. What made you write this book?

  I love cowboys, and bad boys who turn into good men. I was sure, at the time, I didn't want to add anymore to The Men of Clifton, Montana series, but I since have. That series will include far. The Bad Boys of Dry River, Wyoming will consist of six.

2. Are any of the characters derived from anyone in particular?

   Not really. I've just always been a fan of cowboys and I love horses. A man on a horse? Even better.

3. I was also raised saying things like: "twins run in our family." When ever I say it to anyone else, I'm told it's an old wives tale. Who taught you the "legend?!

    The only thing I was taught that stuck with me was to never give up my dreams. My mom knew I loved to write. She told me to keep at it because if I didn't, I'd regret it when my life passed me by and I didn't at least, give it my all.

4. A love story over two sexy men, what kind of woman could resist that? Why should she hafta choose?! 

Only brewing trouble! Someone ends up getting hurt every time. 

5. I literally drooled on my iPad screen and had to wipe it off seeing the cover. I too, would've dedicated it to the photographer. That was amazing. Tell me you didn't drool!

Of course I did! Lol!! You should have seen the ones I had to choose from. I was sent a cd filled with pics of Josh and I had the hardest time picking one! It's his and the photographer's first time doing a cover. The photographer has already sent me another new model and he will be Cooper Bad Boys of Dry River, Wyoming Book 3

6. How long have you been writing?
    It seems like forever. I wrote a story when I was in 6th grade that won a contest and I think the bug bit me then but it wasn't until a year ago that I decided to really do it and submit to publishers.

7. Any suggestions for people wanting to take a stab at writing a book or two?

    Get an editor! It's harder than people think it is. Don't use a friend or family member, get a REAL editor. Your friends or family are not going to give you the constructive criticism you need. A real editor will also tell you whether it's good enough to pursue or not. LISTEN to them! I applaud anyone who wants to write a book but not everyone can and readers will pick it apart if your grammar is wrong or you switch tenses or POVs. It's hard. Make sure you get the right kind of help.

8. What all education have you had?

    High school grad and a Business Administration degree

9. Who are your favorite Authors?

    I'm a big fan of Lori Foster and Kimberly Raye

10. Please list your social media sites, and where to purchase your books:
    All of my books can be purchased through,,,, itunes

Twitter: @susandavis37150

11.. Any thing you'd like to add?

       I have a monthly newsletter. Every other month, I post a hot excerpt from a book being released and I post a cover reveal before anyone else sees it. To sign up, just go to my webpage or FB and hit contact. 
   All of my books, though in a series, can be read as standalone, though it is good to read from the first book so you can meet the upcoming characters. My books come out every two months, alternating each series.