Monday, May 4, 2015

"Unworthy Heart" by Dorothy F. Shaw

Dorothy F. Shaw


pull you in with:

"Unworthy Heart"

When Dorothy asks you to read a book, one thing you need to remember, is her warning labels in her books, are meant to be heeded. 

No, I'm serious.

I remember reading her first book. And then I read this one, I will tell you all this, and this is hard for me to admit. Allow me to lower my head, and whisper this, because it is hard for me to admit this. Seriously. It is. And I swear, if anyone holds this against me, I will scream! goes....

Are you ready?!

Dorothy is the only female author who literally and truly gets me wet, wet. And I mean to the point that I need my husband bad. He begs and pleads with me to read her books, over and over again. He asks all the time, if she has new books out, and what they are, when 'he' is horny and I am not. He will buy them for me, no questions ask. Her books are just that good. Better then any vibrator, better then any other dirty book, movie or magazine. But...that's just me and my opinion. 

So here she did it to me again, hands me a book, and has me read it. Oh my heavens. Where is hubby? At work. Oh this sucks....

But you don't care about me. You want to know what causes this book to be so yummy and delicious that I need my man, and you will need yours? Right?

Well here goes:

Maiya Rossini meets this hunk named Ryan. And he is luscious. Her friend Jodi may try to help her not to fall too fast, but yeah, that's not gonna help.

She checks him out from top to bottom right when she see's him. Oh my, those tight jeans. That body. Like Maiya says, he's trouble with a capital T. Only thing is, this pretty little lady, has a problem where she thinks things and they come out of her mouth. 

It's all right, because he checks her out too. And yes, he's single. And he has a little boy. But he doesn't introduce her to his son right off the bat, he doesn't want to jump right in, and do the "Hey I'm a single Daddy thing" thinking it may cause problems. But his goal is to be the perfect Daddy, and set an example, and not upset his son. 

The lust and love, and sex is mad and passionate and it is so wonderful, and sexy it is something that you would only dream of. You even will see him thinking about Maiya, and taking care of his own needs, and exploding all over himself. It makes you laugh, but also see, and feel. 

Ryan is a rare man, not the average jerk.. He wants to live happily ever after, and have the perfect relationship and family. At first, Maiya is leery, because she can feel he is keeping something from her, and its just that he is being cautious. He doesn't want to hurt his son, he doesn't want to upset him, and he doesn't want to cause an upset in his Father son relationship.

This book is so wonderful, so many feelings, so many emotions. I was going through them all. I truly enjoyed this book from cover to cover. It was most excellent. A love story worthy of reading, because it had a true need for family in it, and it made it work, and it wasn't just about the sex, but about making things work. I enjoyed that it was put together so beautifully. 

This book is a five star review, you will enjoy it. I did, its a very interesting love story, and I'm certain that many people need to see more like these. I think this was an excellent piece of work, but then again, everything Dorothy writes is. 

I also found her dedication touching:

Make sure you check this book out, you'll be glad you did!

Here are my questions for Dorothy:

1. What made you write this book? Almost 5 years ago, as I was learning to write, I had written a handful of short stories and then one 7k word short. I decided after that to write a novella. I tend to do things in order, and writing a full novel was not on my radar yet. I started what I thought would be a 20k word novella and then as I blew past that word count goal and realized that I wasn’t even half way done telling this story, it occurred to me that maybe I was writing a novel… Onward I went, and then Ryan’s brother, Jimmy, showed up and along with it, I realized my hero had 9 siblings…and so a novella, turned into a novel and that turned into a series. Here we are. 

2. How long did it take you to write this book? I started this book almost 5 years ago. I finished it 3 years ago this month to be exact - while on a flight to Chicago, heading to the Romantic Times Convention. I was determined to not show my face until the book was done. So it took 2 years…but there were several breaks in between. =)

3. Are any of the characters derived from anyone special? As a new writer when I wrote this book, and because it was my first book, Maiya was cut from me. She’s not me, and definitely has her own issues, but I used my own experience as a redhead with tattoos in a corporate world to fuel her. Ryan was based on a co-worker that annoyed the crap out of me… and again, they are not the same people, as Ryan is his own, but my friend gave me the base to build on. Jodi is based on my actual friend and former co-worker Jodi…to me, they are exactly the same and I can’t read Jodi’s lines without hearing my friends voice in my mind. =) 

4. The cover design, where or who designed it for you? Cover art by Kanaxa at Samhain Publishing. She did a fantastic job! Hopefully she does all my covers for the series. =)

5. Do you have any future plans of anymore books? YES!!! Defensive Heart, book 2 is due out September 8th 2015 and then Shattered Heart, book 3 is coming some time around January 2016 or so… =P

6. When writing something so steamy and sexy, do you get aroused or turned on? ABSOLUTELY!!!! I have no idea how else to answer that. But, seriously, if it doesn’t turn me on, then how can I expect it to turn my reader on?

7. What are your favorite types of books to write? Contemporary and Paranormal Erotic Romance - Gritty, sexy, real...with some heartbreak along the way. They need to earn their happy ending. 

8. When you created this book, please tell me how you 'designed' such a delicious and yummy character? As I mentioned above, I used myself and a friend as a frame, a mold if you will. But then as the characters grew in my mind, that frame or mold was filled up. They become their own, as they should. They become real and thats also as it should be. Add in a decent amount of human issues, because hello, we’re all suffering from the human condition in this world and I believe you have a solid multidimensional character. But also, I don’t like to make them perfect. I know it’s fantasy and believe me I love reading about a HOT HOT guy and even a totally perfect gorgeous woman, but who am I to decide whats hot or perfect? I think its our little flaws that make us beautiful. An interesting mole, maybe a nose with a slight curve, lips that are a little thin. Maybe full hips or a petite chest…etc. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

9. What posses you to write these type of books? I have to. Too easy, I know. But its what I like to read, and so its what I have to write. Have. To. It can’t be helped. I don’t think I could write a book without any angst in it, and I know I can’t write one without sex in it. I mean, I guess I could, but I don’t want to. No fun in that. Life is messy, sexy and crazy...I want to show it.

10. Please provide for us your links to your social media sites and books:




11. Any last words? 2 questions for you about Unworthy Heart: Did I make you laugh? Did I make you cry?  Thanks, Deneale for hosting me on your site! Always a pleasure my dear. You are awesome! Big hugs!


 Dorothy F. Shaw lives in Arizona, where the weather is hot and the sunsets are always beautiful. She spends her days in the corporate world and her nights with her Mac on her lap. Between her ever-open heart, her bright red hair and her many colorful tattoos, she truly lives and loves in Technicolor! As Dorothy sees it: the journey is the best part!