Saturday, June 18, 2016

India Was One by An Indian

India Was One

By An Indian
      I was sought by 'An Indian' on Twitter. He ask  me if I would be interested in reviewing his book. He briefly told me about it. I looked it over, and decided it would be a great touch to my blog, and something my readers would enjoy. So here I am sharing it with you all, hoping you will find it as interesting a read as I did!

At first, when he contact me, I automatically thought, 'An Indian' meaning a Native American. And then discovered it was a whole new world, and literally learned a lot more.

This book is about a love story, between Jai and Kaahi who live in India. But one thing that most of us don't know is that India, in their love story had two sides. A North and a South side. It was like their one country, was divided and like two different countries. Thus the title of this book: "India Was One"

This extraordinary couple, which I will take a gander, are the Anonymous Author and his now wife, whom this book is dedicated to: Minoo. But as we all know, when we write, we change the names of our characters to protect. I could be wrong.

The characters as written: Jai and Kaahi are in college in Mumbai where they travel to the USA and back to India. Once they arrive they find a country divided. Through this tale, they must discover how to survive, and make the most of a disastrous tale. What happens when you end up in two different countries though? What can you do to fix it?

Jai and Kaahi must get back together. Just because their country is divided, and they have ended up in this predicament, doesn't mean they too, will end up divided. Love must prevail!

This is a very intriguing five star read. I loved learning about India and their culture. I truly enjoyed this book. I don't understand why the Author chose to be anonymous, because this is something to be proud of. However, for every action, there is a reaction. The Author obviously has their reasons, and I respect that. Excellent story, and even an education read!

Here are my questions for the Indian!

1. What made you decide to write this book and how long did it take you?

The story had been playing around for quite some time. I finally decided it to pen it in 2010. It took me less than a week to pour down my initial thoughts and over a year to expand on them. 

2. Did you do any special research for your book?

Not really. I knew what I wanted to write, and I knew exactly how many chapter I wanted.

3. Do you plan on doing further research and educating the public?


4. What are you working on now?

I’m working on my third book, the first one being India Was One (a fiction), the second one Beyond The Milky Way (a SciFi).

5. What all education have you had?

 I’ve done a BS in Physics. I am a web developer by profession.

6. What are your hobbies?

 I love to read, watch cricket and doing web development. 

7. Are you promoting your book so you can get the word out?

A little bit. I’m doing online promotions.

8. How long have you been writing?

Not long at all. Since 2010.

9. Did you learn anything you didn't expect to while writing this book?

Yes. Writing is just 10% of the process. The most difficult and challenging process is marketing.

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