Monday, January 25, 2016

Burlesque by Christopher Logan

by Christopher Logan
If you remember the book D.R.A.G.

then allow me to introduce to you

yet another book by the same producer:

Christopher Logan

 Today we bring to you:

Another book that belongs on your coffee table, that everyone will admire, and adore. A book of pure beauty, and class.

                    Within this, I have given you a few teaser photos, as well as ask Christopher to give me a few lines to share with you.

    So here we are from Christopher himself: "The sequel to the dr.a.g. coffee table book will be available as of this Monday the 15th for Orders, with books arriving in March.

This time we focused on the stars of the world of BURLESQUE, including Michelle L'Amour, Immodesty Blaize, Lou Lou D'Vil, Scarlett James, Dita Von Teese, The Stage Door Johnnies and many more."
Again, here we have more input from Christopher:

"I started making these books as a window to funding film projects: hence, our name Bookthefilm Publishing. But it's become so much more to me. It's become a way to celebrate diversity and inclusion through showcasing other people's art. There's such a rich variety within each sub-genre: drag, burlesque, etc....

The first book was beautifully (and critically) well-received, but the finance of it was another thing altogether. Could be my inexperience at publishing, or that the 'downloadable' world of today isn't fit for someone making only one or two books (and printed ones only) at the time. 
This time around, the Burlesque book will be only available by direct sales at It's an effort to take control and move forward in a way that will allow many more books to come. In the US, UK and Canada, the books are available at, and will be available in rest of Europe through bookstores, online, etc after June.

I was thrilled with the easy and honest connection I had with the drag community, due to being in the film Connie And Carla. The Burlesque community proved just as open and embracing. I'm hopeful they will adore this new book as much as the drag community and others embraced the first.

I'm pushing headlong back into acting now that my bookworld is 'off and running' enough that I can step away from time to time. I've a trifecta of Science Fiction parts coming up this month, with roles on DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Supernatural, and a guest starring role on the new X-Files."
 I then decided to ask Christopher if he would be putting these beautiful books together every year, and he answered with this:

"I would love to be able to do one book each year...but I'm not quite that fast yet. Hopefully things will keep on moving and pick up steam and I can pull things together in a shorter timeframe."
For those who don't know....D.R.A.G. is where men are dressed as women. And these books are used to raise funds for the photographers, and artists, and people. So, in conclusion, if you would kindly tell your friends about and his books,m this one and D.R.A.G. you would be helping. 
Thank you for any and all help that you can give in sharing this book, the idea behind this book, with your friends and family.

Before I close, I would like to say, that I give this book, "Burlesque" five fancy stars. It is a pleasure to see and admire for anyone who enjoys art, beauty and class. And I speak from experience, I have grandchildren from the ages of several months old to five years. All have seen this book, they ask to see it constantly. As do my own Children. Get this book, I guarantee, it will entertain everyone. Trust me, I know.