Directions: How to get Reviewed & Interviewed:

Simple Rules to follow:

1. I will not pay for your book. (However, I do subscribe to Kindle Unlimited!) I prefer it be delivered wireless to my kindle, unless the book is in paperback or hard bound and I need to literally see the illustrations, (or whatever) then you will need to send it to me. For that you will need to contact me personally to get my snail mail address. My kindle email is if you are one of my permanent authors, I will add you to my preferred kindle readers list, and you can then send me Mobi files directly to Once I have reviewed your book, I will post it to Amazon and goodreads, and social media, as well as this blog-no need to ask for this to be done, if I do not do it immediately, I usually do it within the next few days, but it will get done.

2. If you have a twitter email, I will subscribe you to my newsletter, which will pull from twitter feeds from time to tie. This, for you is an added bonus. 

3. I check the status on my blog to see if and when books need views, so I will re-post it from time to time to social media. When this is done, you will be tagged, providing you have a facebook and twitter. Sometimes, I even re-post just to do it, as I go through my blog. 

4. There is no fee, at this time. My posts 'usually' do not get pulled or disapproved from Amazon. I do not use quotes, such as 'this is an ARC review.' nor will I ever. This is asking to have the review taken down, in my honest opinion. I will not be paid to say certain things, either. My reviews are honest, and straight forward. I do not have a taste preference either, so if you feel that will complicate my review, it will not. I know that there are people who will want to read on financial books, or ghost stories, and biographies, therefore I am not judging on my tastes alone. 

5. Once I send you my interview questions, I have finished reading the book, and am putting my end together. I usually expect my questions returned to me within a day, two at the most. The longer you make me wait, the more impatient I grow if I am completely and totally done on my end, and you will know it, because I will be posting directly to you, publicly asking where my answers are. Also, please feel free to skip any questions that you wish, the choice is yours. The interview is only meant for the readers to get to know you, not to offend you. Please remember to include any graphics you want included, (on my blog) and your social media links! The links to social media will help you in gaining views!

. From now on end, I will not be doing box sets (of three books or more) for free, period. If you want me to do a box set, you will be supplying me with money deposited into my paypal account, again using Why? Because multiple authors are hard to work with on their schedules, and too many books and reviews and interviews tend to get confusing. I'm not complaining, it's just that I expect to be paid for my time, therefore, box sets (of three books or more) from here hence forth will cost $20, upfront. This fee was caused by author problems.

. If I have made an error with spelling, names or something in my review, please tell me ASAP so that I can get it fixed. (If you have an error in yours please let me know if you want it fixed too, if you spotted that as well.)

. If you want the book review rushed, you will pay an added fee for this as well.

. To create a contest of any sort, you will be supplying the rewards, unless I agree to go fifty fifty, or unless I ask if I can do it, whatever the case. You are to deliver them and supply the proof that you have done so. 

. Should you receive complaints about the review, or comments and or commenters, please refer to my disclaimer page. 

. I will add any further details to the page, as they come up. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Deneale K. Williams