Who is Deneale?

Who is Deneale

Where to start?

I wanted to ask someone else to write this, but then I was like I guess no one knows me like me....

I was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. Born August 2, 1965. I am a Leo, Mother to five Children, four boys and one girl, and grandchildren to eight.

I love to crochet, read, write, and draw. I am mostly left handed, but also ambidextrous.

My Children call me the bionic woman, because I have a hip replacement, both knee's, ankle, and both shoulders. 

I am an animal lover, and my house alone can prove that to you. I have parrots, cockatiels, dogs, cats, turtles, I've had hamster and guinea pigs, but God has recently claimed them. 

I have been happily married to the same man: David Williams, Sr. for over thirty one years - May 31, 1985. We wanted to have a real wedding ceremony and redo our vows this year, (2015) but it didn't happen. We were Junior High School sweethearts. 

I have an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and am currently in School for my Bachelors Degree in CJ. I intend to become a probation officer, one that will actually do their job rather then just pretend to like some P.O.'s I have seen. 

I am currently residing in Florida, and have been here since 1998. 

I received the gold key award in Art in 1979.

I won Class Clown in 1976.

I played Alto and Tenor saxophone while in Band, I played since 5th grade. I started on the clarinet in 3rd grade.

 I won the Musicians honor society award in 1980. 

If I think of anything else I'll add it here later.

If there is anyone who would like to 'write' one for me to add here, that would be great too!

Thank you for dropping by, please stop back often!