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Endangered by Sascha Illyvich

Endangered by Sascha Illyvich

As you may well have noticed, this is my second review and interview with Sascha. Therefore, I expected, much of the same material. Boy was I wrong!

I knew from the intro, I was going to be experiencing a bit of a different realm. Here we are dealing with Vampires and the world of darkness, so to speak. So my outlook is thinking a bit on the side of blood thirsty, and hoping Sascha will throw in his curve balls of sexuality and the spin of a tale of lovers uniting. This is what I'm kind of picturing, even before I start. 

Never try to figure a writer out, it just doesn't work that way.

This book was deeper, more intense. Darker if you will. As I was reading it, I just wanted to curl up into a ball, it made me feel like I myself was in a deep, dark place, and sometimes cold. The literature as you read, the surroundings, you can physically see your dwellings, and they are all dark and cold. Maybe I let my imagination get too over whelmed as I read, but I just felt as if I was there. As if I was longing to become a Vampire myself. 

The main character, Josef seems to be a real "hottie" if you will. At least in "my" imagination he is! But living the life of the undead, just doesn't seem very fulfilling, and I think that too, was part of the things that Josef was bantering with himself. I think, and this is just my personal assumption here, that maybe his character was wondering what it would be like to be human, or even different, as in something else. To me, he always seemed to be pondering, like his mind was off in a distance. A dark place, thinking, and wondering. But again, this was just my take, of the essence of the character. 

Josef is someone; women will dream about after reading this book. He deals with a lot, and his character is very real. As I read, I felt that the Author was very into this character, very related, and even a part of him, if you will. 

This book was a interesting read. A different role in writing was portrayed here, through Sascha, and I could feel the depths of darkness and what even seemed to be depression. I could be wrong, but as we all know~ were all entitled to our opinions. 

I enjoyed the book, "Endangered" as I personally felt that I could even be on the list of "Endangered" people myself. One thing you will learn, as have I~Sascha Illyvich pulls his readers into his work. He's just "that" good! His writing; becomes visual within you, providing you have an imagination! A work if art, something to dream about, and live through his very words!

I give this book five stars of five stars! You should honestly check it out, it's worth reading! Especially, if you like Vampires, and of course: using your imagination! Sascha Illyvich does it again! He is top notch!
~Deneale K. McElhaney~Williams

Here are my interview Questions for Sascha!

1.  What made you write this book?
ENDANGERED was a book I wrote for the growing vampire/werewolf market several years back.  As it turns out, the hero needed something more than what I as an author could give him over the years until I finally figured out what that was.  You'll have to read the series to learn what though!

2. Do you now frequently write about 'Vampires, Werewolves' as well as 'Shape Shifters' or do you like to mix it up a bit?
I've written vampires and wolves, one of my agents has a story involving Pumas and witches, and I've written about faeries too. 

3. Have you ever written erotica without 'Mythical Creatures' in it?
Erotica and erotic romance, yes.  I have a lot of contemporary romance titles. 

4. Out of ALL of your own work, do you have a favorite Character, if so~ who would it be?
I've been saying Joséf from Endangered because his story rings true to how I've felt.  Need to do good in the world, but alas, love isn't for me.  Considering events of late, I'd be hard pressed to say if I still held that belief or not but he's a rough character who uses any means necessary to get the job done. 

5. Who is your favorite Author of ALL the Authors in the World?
Probably JR Ward right now.  Even though the head hopping shit irritates me, her stories pull you in and make you invest yourself in the characters and the world.

6. Do you read 'Erotic Novels' yourself, and I don't mean, just your own work? (If so~ whom do read and prefer?)
Yup.  The usual suspects. JR Ward, Lora Leigh, Christine Feehan, Laurel K. Hamilton, Christina Dodd, every now and then you'll find me with a historical romance in my hands by Julie Templeton. 

7. What made you write a Novel with 'Vampires' in it? We're you trying to 'Follow the crowd' per se?
First off, the crowd follows me.  *ahem*  Second, it was something I wanted to do for years actually, write about the Goth, the undead, the sensuality, the darkness. 

8. When writing, sometimes I note your work to be deep, dark, and heart felt. Is this some of your one 'persona?'
Always.  It's most of it actually.  What you're missing is my legendary "artistic" temper tantrums I'm trying hard not to let out anymore, or my rage. 

9. When writing 'sexual scenes' have you ever done, or experienced what you have written?
Quite a bit yeah.  Especially with recent experiences mimicked by a story I wrote involving a pretty writer fan and Fiji.

10. Do you oft get turned on, as you are writing your sexual scenes?
Yeah it happens.

11. Other than your writing, what do you use as an 'out?' Meaning: a way to vent?
Sadly I really don't have any means of venting other than cigars and alcohol.  I tend to not overdo it anymore on either front because of health reasons and the fact that I prefer relaxation rather than getting all stressed out. 

12. Does your writing often reflect your mood?
It can and does. I'm found often in my work even when I mean not to insert myself. 

13. Were you in a dark place when you wrote this manuscript? If not, how did you manage to make 'this' book seem & 'sound' so much differently, compared to the last book I read of yours? What IS your secret?
I've said before my books are that good and I'm that talented an author and that's what it boils down to.  People think you can simply write a story and then bam, it's good but if the story doesn't make you feel something, or if it doesn't move you, then it's not complete.  I was in a period of change when I wrote ENDANGERED, whereas the book you first reviewed, Burning for Derrick was a much lighter story because my world was better then, and the agent of awesome told me to lighten the hell up.  There is no secret, you simply cut your heart open and pour it over the pages.

14. Do you have more books in the works?

I do.  I'm in the middle of starting a romantic suspense, Endangered has a sequel (it's actually a series.  The tag line is: A small group of unlikely heroes faces an entire Criminal Organization for the fate of the world while discovering true love.)  Plus I have my Covenant of Wolves series we're in the middle of reworking slightly.  I have tons of material for years, practically.  All in romance, of course. 

15. Please provide for me all area's to contact you, and see your work:

16. Anything you would like to add:
I'm looking forward to sharing Endangered and the Nights of Lust series (out Sept '14 from Red Sage) with all of your fans and mine. 

Thank you Sascha for allowing me to review and interview you once again, I hope to do this again in the near future, as I do so very much, enjoy you, and your work!

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Sex Magick: Book One (the Rune Witch Series) by Laura Stamps

  Meet Laura Stamps!

Some of you, such as myself, may remember her from as @SexWitch, which is no longer, and if you're anything like myself, you consider that to be heart wrenching. However, as an Author; as well as a busy woman herself, Laura has much to do, and found and to be overwhelming as with everything else she had going on. She decided to put everything into one simple atmosphere, and make it easier on everyone. 

LAURA STAMPS is Seelie Fey, a Wiccan Witch, and a Fey sorceress. She is also the author of 55 novels, novellas, short story collections, and memoirs published by numerous publishers.  Her sexy, Pagan novels land on several Amazon Kindle Top 100 bestsellers lists every year.  A fulltime author for 26 years, she writes about contemporary Pagans living in the Deep South.  All her novels are wildly positive, empowering, and most contain real Pagan spells, chants, and rituals.  Her literary short stories and poetry have been published in over 1000 literary journals, magazines, and anthologies worldwide.  She is the recipient of many awards, including a "Pulitzer Prize" nomination and seven "Pushcart Award" nominations.  Laura lives in South Carolina next to a state forest with her two husbands and seven cats.  She’s also vegan, a runner (10-12 miles/week), and an avid gardener.

         Now lets talk about what I read! 

I am reviewing the book that which I read by Laura Stamps: Sex Magick: Book One (the Rune Witch Series).

Let me start off by saying, I purchased the book from and had it sent to my kindle, for a dollar ninety nine. A descent price, which is something people look for when it comes to reading materials. I simply searched: "Laura Stamps" at "Amazon" and it brought up a listing off all of her books, and even briefly entitles you to Author details, for your viewing pleasure once you find her name. 

After purchasing the book, I decided to look into it, and see what I had "gotten myself into" if you will. You can say, I expected something like a "Preface" or maybe something....but I clicked, and just started reading..... And reading..... And reading. 

My husband went to speak to me several times, and I hushed him, and said "Not now!" Finally, he managed to interrupt me enough times, and demanded to know what I was reading. I told him. He asked me to tell him what I had thought so far, at which point when he interrupted I was three quarters of the way done. 

I told him this, which to him; he said~explained enough: "If I were a smoker, I would've needed a cigarette a few times already, it's just "that" good!" End quote!

I dearly love the pet cats name "Anubis" as I am a big time "StarGate SG1" fan, and it instantly made me think of the show! Sorry, I couldn't resist. 

I like the fact that there aren't too many characters, therefore you don't get lost in the script. It's an easy, comprehending read, something you can understand, as well as allow your desires to turn onto, without over working your brain in thought. Therefore; the reading is relaxing you, as well as working with your mood and desires. 

However, the upsetting part is when you get to the end, Wynn is promising to practice "Sex Magick" and he's speaking, or rather~he's attempting to "Talk" Noelle into marrying him; as well as working with her sexual needs. You're seeing everything in your imagination, you're getting your hopes up, you're getting excited, and what?!?!? way!!! 

I flip the page, and it says "About the Author" I'm thinking to myself, I accidentally clicked too many times, I click back. If you would have seen me, my husband said I stuck out my lip like a little kid who just had their candy taken away. 

Talk about a book that will make you buy the next one?! I found it! Oh yes, I did! 

This book is very sexual, very romantic, and detail oriented. I was impressed with the tact, manner and couth in which it was written. I've read a lot in my time, and Ms. Stamps knows exactly how to keep you interested, and even wanting more. Very classy, I didn't even find any typo's which I frequently look for as I oft interview as well, (a pet peeve of mine!) 

I give this book five stars of five. It is worth the read, worth the spend, and you will be glad that you even took the time to read it! And trust me, you will go on to the next book!

My Interview Questions for Laura:

1.  How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing 26 years, since 1987.  I’m a literary novelist and love the small press!  As of 2010 all my books are in Kindle.  That was the year the last of my paperback publishers went out of business, so I decided it was time to get all of my books in Kindle with my company,Kittyfeather Press.  That way I never have to worry anymore about them going out of print when the publishers go out of business, as most of mine have in the last 5 years in this crazy economy. ~lol~  I still publish fiction in literary magazines.  My story “Otherkin Fey” was accepted for publication this month by Epiphany Magazine and will appear in the August issue.  I have a page on my Tumblr blog that lists stories that have been accepted for publication and when they will appear.  It also lists reviews and news for 2013.

2. What made you write erotica?
I’m Seelie Fey, so I’m only half human.  The Fey are very sexual beings.  Writing about sex comes naturally to me.  I love sex.  I have a lot of sex.  It’s natural for me to write about it. 

3. Which of your books/series is your favorite?
What a fun question!  I have lots of fav books rather than a fav author, because things change rapidly in this biz.  Most of my fav erotic  authors were my favs when they were writing edgy books for small presses.  As soon as they were picked up by big publishers the edginess was edited out of their books.  I also read several kinds of fiction, including lots of literary fiction, so I have lots of favs.  My fav erotica novels are “Wicked Pleasure” and “Only Pleasure” by Lora Leigh, “Demon’s Fire” by Emma Holly, and “Colters’ Woman” by Maya Banks.  My fav literary author is Anne Beattie.  Love her short story style.  Brilliant!  I just finished reading her “New Yorker Stories” and it was the best book of short stories I have ever read.  As for classics I have read all the Bronte sisters.  Love Charlotte’s and Anne’s novels best.  I have also read all of Jane Austen’s novels.  “Mansfield Park” is my fav.

4. What are your writing plans for the future?
I always have tons of book deadlines, and this year is no different.  At the moment I am working on 4 new novellas in two of my series, as well as writing a literary short story each month.  It sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?  But I only finish one or two novellas every year, even though I write 7 days a week.  I’m a meticulous editor, and that takes time.  I’m lucky in that I never get writer’s block.  All my series are related, including the new one I’m working on this year (The Faery Witch Series).  When I finish one book I start on the next one in one of my series.  I like to write short stories while I’m working on a novella.  They, too, feature characters from my series, so no matter what I’m writing, a novella or a short story, I stay in my wonderful fictional Pagan world.  Fun!

5. Have you "Had" any of these steamy style romances & escapades you write about, in any way shape or form?
Ha!  I’m famous for that.  If you’ve ever read my “Memoir Series” you know that to be true.  I never write a sex scene in one of my novels unless I’ve taken it for a test drive first.  I write responsible sex, because I know some of my readers use my books as sex manuals.  It’s important to me that all the sex scenes I write are safe and feel good.  Besides that I have two husbands.  And I’ve had scads of lovers in the astral realms where I fly every night.  And lots of cybersex guys.  It’s a fun life!  ~wink~  My readers also know the character of Sara in “A Vampire’s Kiss” is a clone of me.  Or she used to be.  These days I’m more like Savannah in “What Witches Want.”

6. Of your "Characters" whom is your favorite?
I really don’t have one.  All my men are so yummy it’s hard to choose.  I do know Donnie from “What Witches Want” is my dream man.  I often say no one was more shocked than I was when four years later I met my “Donnie” who became my husband last year (Ken).  But Dray is so yummy.  And Wynn is HOT.  And Blaine is a dream.  And Troy is a clone of the way Ken was when we first met.  And I adore all the women.  Noelle and Sara crack me up.  It’s just impossible to choose!!

7. Please provide ALL your links, sites, and ways to reach you and purchase your products for my readers:

Laura Stamps
Sexy Pagan Novels & Short Stories
(Romantic vampires, Witches, faeries, shapeshifters)
All my novels, novellas, and memoirs in the Kindle Store ($1.99 - $2.99):

8. Any last words for your fans:
If you’re a fan of my books be sure to get on my “Fan Email List.”  Those awesome people receive a newsletter three times every month, featuring the best of my Tumblr blog posts, as well as updates on books.  I love making those newsletters entertaining and pretty for my fans.  Squeeeee!  If you’d like to be on the list, just send an email and you’re on.  I’m at Tumblr and LinkedIn every day.  I found I can only be at two sites and still have time to meet all my book deadlines.  So hook up with me there, too.  I’ve very active at both sites and love to network with my fans.

Thank you for your time!!!
You’re most welcome!!  It was a pleasure.  ~massivetacklehug~

Please check out Laura's book's when you get a chance! I promise you won't be disappointed! ~Deneale K. McElhaney-Williams