Thursday, December 11, 2014

Contest w/Kim Carmichael! CLOSED but Winners listed!

This contest has ended & unfortunately Kim did not win the Kindle Scout contest, however she did appreciate all of your help! But the contest here still has Winners and those winners are:

(AKA Joy Collins) 
$20 Amazon Gift Card
$5 Amazon Gift Card

We decided to go ahead and throw in another five dollars because so many of you did so much to help out! We thank you so very much! 

As many of you many of you may have noticed,

Deneale's Book Buzz 


Kim Carmichael

have joined forces to Nominate Kim for an Amazon Scout.

To do this we need your help!

There are only SEVEN days left.

You can earn a twenty dollar Amazon gift card!
 Just in time for Christmas!

You'll go to the web site, and you will see:

Beside it you will see details about 'a signature', and below you will see 'a light blue nominate' button. CLICK IT!

Then tell your followers to do the very same thing!

It's just that easy!


The easiest way to get the Amazon gift card, is to promote this daily, and to get others to do the same thing!

Seven days people!

Here is the link:

 Please copy the link, or even this blog post and reshare it. If you have done it, comment in the comments section, as we are keeping track. Twitter users, are being kept track in a list on my page. Facebook, and other sites, are written. Twitter users doing it in multitude, including in their Newsletters and such, are also being tracked with extra points.

This contest is real!

Any questions, feel free to contact myself or Kim.

Thank you.