Tuesday, February 3, 2015

On the Dotted Line by Kim Carmichael

On The Dotted Line 


I must admit, I wasn't certain the way this book was going to turn out. And as I was reading it, I was anticipating the millions of ways it could have literally went.

But admittedly, I found the book everything I wanted and than some. And I was so drawn into it, and in love with everything, until Stephanie walked in, and than I was like ready to climb into the pages and whoop on the woman. How dare she ruin everything! 

Randolph Van Ayers the 3rd had to be married by midnight of one of his birthdays, in order to inherit claim to his inheritance. His fiance, Stephanie never showed up for the wedding, and never gave him an explanation. Thus Randolph set out to find another woman at top speeds. Luckily for him, he found a woman also in need, whose shop was being foreclosed on. 

Randolph was up front with the woman, named Willow. He explained just about everything. All he needed was her signature on the dotted line. They would than proceed to go to Vegas and have a quick ceremony and be Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Van Ayers. 

Neither of them planned on falling in love, but it happened. And what's even worse, with this contract, come rules. For instance: they must be in bed together by midnight. On top of all of that, Willow wanted to keep their relationship a secret from her friends. Than to find out her friends: Jade and Slate, also knew Randolph. When Randolph's Mother: Lillian had their engagement party, low and behold guess who showed up? Slate and Jade. And they were a bit upset, they had suspected something was going on, but than to find this out, hurt their feelings. 

The woman who raised Willow, is named Nanette. Nan for short. At first she seemed disappointed in the arrangement, but later down the line, she knew and could see it was love. She also told Willow it was no longer her place to take care of her, but instead, someone else, like the man of her dreams. 

There are a lot of twist and turns and through out this book, as well as some great romance. And I was truly worried. As I stated, I wanted to climb into the book and handle Stephanie myself.

I found this book well worth the read, and could not put it down. I give it five stars and suggest you give it a look see as well! I promise you, you will not be disappointed!

Here are screen shots from the book. These ones are the biography on the Author Kim Carmichael:

Here are the Acknowledgements section! Please be sure and notice the names included! 

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 Here are my Interview Questions for Kim:

1. What made you decide to write this book?
It was a concept I had for a book for a long time.  It took on many incarnations, but I really just wanted to do a modern day marriage of convenience book :-)

2. Are any of your characters derived from someone?
Maybe little facets, but not an entire character.  

3. As you write the romance, do you relate it to any situations that you have been in, or would like to have had or have had?
I would have loved to have had this romance LOL.  This one was unique in that it didn’t pull from my own experiences.

4. Ok so tell me, how much do you dislike the character Stephanie?
Can’t stand her.  When I write female villains I tend to pull traits from people I know and dislike in real life.  LOL

5. You write such interesting, romantic books, where do all these ideas come from?
Usually the world around me, something I find interesting and build on it in my head until it becomes a story.

6. Who is (are) your favorite Author(s)?
VC Andrews before she died and Johanna Lindsay

7. How long did it take you to write this book?
about 7 months

8. What other books do you have planned for us?
i am most excited about the Hollywood Stardust Trilogy - Book One, Typecast will be out in May. 

9. How long have you been writing?
10 years

10. Is writing your passion, or are you passionate about other things as well?
This is my passion for sure.

11. Have you ever written anything other than romance?
No, I’m pretty true to my genre.

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13. Please provide for us links to find your books, and information on you:


The Indelibly Marked Series – Follow The Loves and Lives of Hollywood’s Hottest Tattoo Studio



Children’s Book:

Twitter: @kimcarmichael4    

14. Anything extra you would like to add:
I just want to thank everyone for supporting me:-)  Especially you!!