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Kitty Glitter: "Point Break 2"


Kitty Glitter:

"Point Break 2"


David & Deneale Williams, Sr.

As most of you know, I have been "prowling" around hunting the missing @KittyGlitter69 from @Twitter. I asked others to help, but was to no avail. So I decided to make other steps, and low and behold I found him again. And yes, I was worried! 

After finding him again, Kitty Glitter sent me another book to review. And after reading the last one, I was excited. 

Right from the beginning, my eyes seemed to pop out of my head.

But to you, the reader advantage here, you will get the insight of two people. Myself and my husband. Because we do not agree. So consider this an added bonus, a two pointer review....

While reading this, I am getting drop jaw and flipping out. My husband on the other hand is dying of laughter. 

The book is about a fight, seems kinda gang related to me, between cats and a cougar. It begins on a plane, and as I start reading, I am reading about a cat having to take a.... how to phrase this? Bowel movement. 

Again my husband is dying of laughter. 

We get to the point whereas they are at a restaurant and the cats are going to dine. We see a puppy, its cute. And than we see them being handed hammers. Oh my God, no. The cats are than dining on dog brains, and to them, they are oh so tasty. 

My husband spouts out, in the midst of his laughter; "Cats rule and dogs drool!"

I keep reading, we get to another point, where a fight takes place, and this mean Hogan character puts tent spikes into the poor cat, and messes with the cat, and even harasses him as he is dying. Messing with the cats testes. 

At this point my husband is saddened a little, as am I for the poor cat, but still, he is laughing a little with some of the wording. 

Eventually, one cat, who was almost to the point of death talks himself into getting up to save the day. With great effort, and still in pain from being beaten on himself by the Cougar; he does manage to get up, and he finds a condom and some soap in the case had that had belonged to his comrade. 

Please tell me you can figure this out? I'm rolling my eyes here, because my husband is telling me to spell it out.

The cat uses to soap, because he remembers the beautiful Caril explaining soap will help ... bowel movements come out easier. He notes the condom is very strong and durable. He than coaxes himself to take a BM and fills the condom with it, and than he proceeds to go to the cougar, and uses it to beat the cougar with, along with his strength and added redemption for his friends, he knows he must do this for his friends. 

My husband gives this novel five stars. I give it four, because it had several errors in it within the typing, which I found. And when I find errors in books, it really freaks me out. (I am one of those grammar Nazi's.) And yes, I do make my own grammarical errors, and misspell words, but I feel if a person is gonna take the time to publish, at least try your damndest to catch them. Within the walls of this book I found more than five, including a sentence that had no ending. (As those of you that know me, I'm a tell it like it is girl, sorry. I pull no punches.) 

But I can relate to the dog brains, as to the Monkey brain scenario, even though it freaked me out a little, and I know the book is meant to be comical, but it was just not my cup of tea, I think. However, I did enjoy the fact that my husband enjoyed it, it's not very often he really and truly enjoys a book, trust me on that one! And for him to issue five stars, is really and truly a big deal!

Therefore, with the fact that we both reviewed this book together, we have decided to give the book a 4.5 star rating. 

We agree that the book is meant to be comical, and that if you personally know Kitty Glitter, his writing style varies from porn to comical and he is an excellent writer who will keep you entertained. I dearly love him, he is a great person, inside and out, for those of you who don't know him as I do you don't know how much a great person you are missing out on knowing!

Here are MY interview Questions for Kitty Glitter:
(Bonus at the bottom of this interview!)

1. What made you write this book?

There used to be an online literary journal called   I had published a couple of stories with them and the editor really enjoyed my work.  He asked to to spend six months writing one new short story every week.  This was the last story I wrote for that.  It was based on the three cats I had at the time and the names and personalities are taken directly from the cats.

It was based on the idea that my one fat cat Blinger was always lazy and timid, but when it came to Fancy Feast he turned into a monster and nobody could fuck with him.  

And I had recently honeymooned in Vancouver before writing the story so I wanted to set a story there.  I was also recovering from wisdom teeth extraction at the time I wrote it and was on a lot of Vicodin and weed and alcohol, so that kind of had an effect on the story.

2. How long did it take you to write this book?

Four days.

3. How many books have you written?

Well they are Kindle books, but not really full length novels.  Some of them do approach novella length though, so I would say I've written thirty-four Kindle books, but only twenty-six are available because the others were blocked by Amazon for content violation.  

4. Do you plan to write more?

Yes, I am always working on new ideas.  

5. What would you say to the aspiring Authors out there?

Just write whatever you want, and have fun.  Don't take writing advice or classes from other authors.  Many are offered online.  These are all a scam.  If the authors were experts they'd make enough money off their fiction and would not need to supplement their income by teaching.  Especially this guy Chuck Wendig, he is a lame hipster.  I hate him.  

6. Why did you leave Twitter?

It's very distracting.  Facebook is about all the social media I can handle.  I try to be off the internet as much as I can.  

7. Who are you favorite Authors?

David Goodis.  Read his short story "Professional Man".  

Anne Sexton, Flannery O'Connor, Horace McCoy, Patricia Highsmith, Shirley Jackson.

At the moment my favorite novel is They Shoot Horses Don't They? by Horace McCoy.

I also consider Katy Perry one of my favorite authors, she doesn't write novels but she creates a whole fictional world during her concerts that's more bizarre and creative and heartfelt than 90% of the novels you read today.  

I also really love Kesha's book, My Crazy Beautiful Life, she is my greatest inspiration in life.

8. What are your hobbies?

Playing bass guitar, keyboards, boxing, going to punk shows, partying occasionally, and spending time with my son.  

9. Dog brains? Really?

That was based on a scene from Faces Of Death when these people eat monkey brains.  I wanted that scene to show that Blinger was morally superior to the other cats and the cougar.  

10. Please share with us your social media sites & where to buy your books:

All my books are available for sale here:

This is my Facebook fan page:

11. Anything else you'd like to add?

Jane Fonda has the best legs ever. 

ADDED BONUS! Here is a photo of the REAL Kitty Glitter:

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