Monday, May 4, 2015

"My Daddy Wears His Art" by Kim Carmichael & Solera Winters

When I first started doing my reviews, I knew I would want to review every kind of book put out, because I love to read. But with doing it online, I was noticing that finding and involving those that write Children's book are hard to come by.

Luckily two of my favorite authors wrote one, and when I read it, I truly admired it instantly. It is about about tattoo's, but not just in the sense of the tattoo itself, but also how Children bully one another about the dumbest things.

Sorry, but that is the only proper way of wording it.

We were all kids once, and we seen it happen, if we weren't the one being picked on, or were the one doing the picking. Don't even deny it. We've all been there and done that.

But now of days, the whole situation has gotten way out of hand. As adults we label, so naturally the kids are going to do it too. "We learn what we live." Im sure you've heard the phrase.

But before I go on, I have a things from this book I would like to share with you:

Read the dedication. This in itself explains it. A road we have all traveled, and seen.

I wanted to share this, so that we gave credit to the artist too, because all artists deserve credit. And the drawings in this are very colorful, and thought out. I give the art work five stars!

The story is written out beautifully, I have not shared the entire thing with you, only part. It is very heart felt and poetic. And in the end, it will put a very beautiful smile on your face.

I enjoyed this book very much, I give it five beautiful stars! Kim and Solera did a wonderful job. Every child needs to read this, it will help them to understand, especially if they have parents with tattoos and friends who judge. 

Now here are my questions for these lovely ladies:

Kim = Purple Solera = Blue
1. I can kind of tell where this story came from and why. But I would like you to briefly give me a little bit of details of the reasoning in the writing of this book.

I was inspired by my indelibly marked series and Solera and I were talking one day about children’s books and hence the book was born. 

We have a lot of friends (especially on line who have tattoos and thought it was something that hadn't been addressed from the children's perspective, and when we were talking about Indelibly Marked we thought, a kid's book could offer a different perspective.
2. The artist who drew the beautiful pictures. Do you personally know this person, or were you led to them?
I found them online cause we were on a limited budget.  

The artist worked well with our concept.

3. How long did this book take to write?
Honestly a couple of weeks it took longer to get the pictures done LOL with poetry once you get going its easier to write fast.

We got into a rhythm of brainstorming and then writing and revising. It didn't take long to go through the process. Kim and I work really well together that way.

4. How did "both" of you write this book together? Please explain:

I did the poetry Solera did the edits and we both plotted it.

What she said. LOL
5. Is this the only Children's book that you both have written?

I have another one but I’m trying to figure out what to do with it.

I have one other as well, but I haven't done anything with it. I know it needs work and there are always other projects.
6. Do either of you have tattoos? If so, how many?

Alas no, I’m a chicken LOL.

Nope, ditto. LOL
Deneale responds: Are you guys kidding me?!?!

7. Why do you think it is people "label" those of us who have tattoos?
Same reason they label people who are different or outside the norm.

It's a prejudice like anything else. People are uneducated and make assumptions on appearance rather than character.

8. Do you have a photo you can share of your Dads tattoo of you and him?

My dad didn’t have tattoos, but I have a photo of my puppy!

My dad didn't have tattoos but my step dad did-one from when he was in the navy. The standard anchor. LOL But I don't have a pic available of it.

9. What does your Dad think of this book?

My father in law thinks its great!  Got a kick out of it.

Unfortunately both my dad and stepdad have passed away.

10. Have you read this book aloud at any Children's events or library reading for Children? If not, why not? If so, how was it?

I read it to my kid and he loved it.  I am actually quite shy so I tend not to go places in person.

I haven't read it to anyone. I'm with Kim, pretty shy when sharing my work.
11. Do you plan on writing any other Children's books in the future?

I do I love them!

I'm not sure if I will or not. I do know I'll write more stories with Kim. We even have a fairy tale that will be coming out later this year. (For adults though, not kiddos.)
12. Please list your social media sites and book information here:
(These are obvious I'm not color coding!)
facebook:  Kimcarmichaelnovels - The website for all things Hollywood Stardust

13. Any information or comments you'd like to add:

I may not have tattoos but I have been bullied my entire life, I think everyone needs to take a stand against ridicule that is painful like this.  Always stand up for what you believe is right.

I agree, my feeling is that the message of the book is important--anti-bullying and doing the right thing.

Thank you Deneale for having us.