Saturday, July 5, 2014

Book Review: Forever by Judy Blume!

Forever: A Novel by Judy Blume

#1 New York Times Best Selling Author!

Deneale K. Williams
Did you know that Judy Blume writes adult books too? That's right she does. And my ultimate favorite was Wifey, when I first read that book....I was like freaked out. But this time, I found a new one on the shelves the other day, and decided to read it. It is called Forever...and I want to share my thoughts of this book, with you! (It is also featured in this blog!)

Firstly, I found this book more along the line of young adult, rather than adult. It would be helpful to those who are new to sex, and true love, or puppy love. I wish I would have found it when I was experiencing this.

Katherine is a virgin, and wants her first time to be perfect, and with someone she really loves. Michael is more experienced, and even has a name for his private parts. He wants to make love to Katherine, but forces himself to respect her wishes. Katherine's grandmother works for Planned Parenthood. That is another thing I found quite informative, and professional.

To encourage getting protection, sticking to your guns, and young love. This book was very good, and eye opening. I must admit, I didn't expect things to go array when Katherine and Michael had to find Summer jobs. But it proves, that there are other fish in the sea for any of us, and that you can love ore than one person, and respectfully do the right thing.

I don't want to blow the story line to you, but I think if you have teen age children, they specifically need to read this book. I will be point blank and honest, I have a fourteen year old daughter, and her best friend became pregnant at this very age. So I gave this book to my daughter, because I wanted her to be aware, your first love, is not always your last love.

I wanted her to see from someone else's eyes, not just mine, and this book, was the perfect way to let her see. And so she read the book, I even quizzed her on it, to make sure she actually did read it, and didn't fake it. She too, liked this book, and also found it informative.

On a scale of one to ten I give this book a nine, because they rate it adult, when it is more along the lines of young adult. I think it needs to be released, and even told to young adults, to read it. It will help them to relate. I liked the book, it was very easy to read, very informative about ways to seek help, which ways to turn, how your friendships will change, and relationships, and how to say no, and mean it.

This is an excellent read, and like I said, if you have teen agers, you need to get this book, and give it to them to read. Now mind you, you may already know Judy Blume, your child should. She has entertained the child, for ages with books like: Superfudge, and Are you there God, It's me Margret, and many many more. She is an avid writer, and now she entertains one and all. She is a very good writer, and very open and honest. I am impressed.

Judy Blume lives in Key West with her husband George Cooper.
Published by Deneale K. Williams