Saturday, July 5, 2014

The White Trash Mom Handbook by: Michelle Lamar w/ Molly Wendland

The White Trash Mom Handbook
by Michelle Lamar with Molly Wendland

I was at the book store the other day and checking out the clearance shelves for good book at a lower price and found this book for only a dollar. It caught my eye because I seen "white trash" on it. I looked at it, because I wanted to know what the Author considered "white trash." And since it was only a dollar, I decided I couldn't go wrong and bought it.
As soon as I brought the book home, I couldn't wait to read it. As a handbook for Mothers, I was sure it might be an even more interesting read!
In the beginning, the writer gives acknowledgements to darn near everyone in her life. People she applauds as "white trash," friends and family. She acknowledges everyone, and I am certain she managed to not leave out a soul! I was impressed to find someone who actually took out the time to acknowledge everyone, I always wondered if you could do that when you write a book. So this little introduction, impressed me.
Then comes her little preface to explain the purpose in her book. Ok, I am still interested and want to read, sort of. I mean some things she is mentioning already; I am rolling my eyes at- but you have to give the book a chance, and I can't just up and judge it just yet- that isn't fair.
Then I go on to read Chapter one. "Everyone has a little WT inside." By WT she is meaning "white trash". With the title, I do agree. You might not want to agree, but deep down, everyone has a little bit of "everything" in them. It just depends on "what" it takes to make "that" part of you come out! Reading the Chapter, again I am rolling my eyes. The woman acts like she invented the buy cookies from the grocery store for the PTA bake sale and pretend you baked them routine. STOP! Think about this! How many television shows have you seen this on? This woman no way in heck invented this, and it is not something new to anyone. People who didn't know this- must be closet parents! But, I will move on and see what else there is to justify writing a book about.
This woman thinks the perfect parent skill requires that you be involved in PTA, or your child will have a rough life and will not be the "popular" child. Where ever does she get these ideas? Not every parent is involved in PTA, not every parent can do PTA and not every parent does PTA. Children do not judge because their parents are involved in PTA. The writer claims that it is in grade school where children are dependent upon the parents being involved in PTA. Grade school is where the children are actually learning, more so then in Junior High- where they are being beaten or bullied and judged by their clothing and popularity. Grade school is a lot less judgmental and children don't go around saying: "Ha! Ha! no one likes you because your Mom isn't in PTA!" If anything a child might be noticing the small things like, "Are your Mommy and Daddy still together? Because I don't know what I did but my Mommy and Daddy are getting-I forget the word-a break up, I think!" Grade School children are not the judgmental little heathens like Junior High School kids! So I don't know where this woman was raised, and where she is getting her ideas, but yes, I do beg to differ. And yes, I am entitled to my opinion, as are you.

According to the back of the book, Michelle Lamar has twenty five years of experience in the advertising business. She began blogging about "white trash mom's" and she has many followers on her web site and it averages more then 3,500 unique visitors per week and counting, and her blog more then 25,000 readers per month. She also writes for Disney's and contributes to Celebitchy, which also has more than 2.5 million readers a month. But one thing you need to consider, just because she has followers, doesn't mean that every reader agrees with the woman. Not every hit is a positive one, and not every reader and follower has positive feedback all of the time. However, they do say, even bad publicity is good publicity. Maybe that's how Michelle see's it.
I also wanted to touch on Chapter twelve. "If the Health Department Isn't Coming, It's Clean Enough" Yeah-no. Let me remind you, people are judgmental. No matter who is coming, they are going to look around your house, and inspect it. Friends, family, even Child Services all judge you like the Health Inspectors that they are. And clean includes smells, make sure it even smells clean! But I would like to tell you, the reader, not to worry. If your friends and family can't accept you for whom and what you are, and the way you are, then maybe they aren't worth your time and efforts. But obviously this woman never had real experiences with back stabbing friends and family......
This writer has no clue what "white trash" or even "trailer trash" is. She obviously has never had bad friendships, with real, true life back-stabbers. She has never been burned at the stake by her own family members. So the moral to my "story" here is Michelle Lamar has some good tips within her little book, but she has absolutely no clue the definition of "white trash." And I was raised that you weren't allowed to use a word if you didn't know its proper definition. And I think her Parents must have forgotten to teach her that parental lesson, because she obviously missed it.
"White trash and Trailer trash" are people who "usually" put themselves before their Children. They will buy beer before their groceries. They are usually having children every nine months, and living off of the Welfare system, NOT working for a living! In Michelle's book, her definition of a "white trash Mom" she works for a living, is in the PTA and has a car, a home, and her utilities are on. Many "white trash and trailer trash people" don't always have their utilities on. Do you see what I mean about the difference between fact and fiction?
I am not trying to be judgmental; I have just SEEN many REAL-LIFE "White trash trailer Moms!" And her book of judging- is way off base. Some of her advice is good, but her judgments are wrong! I did however like the book, it was interesting, but I don't appreciate the labeling. She can say that she is labeling herself, and doesn't intend for it to be labeling, or even judging, but technically-it is and yes, she did.
At least I only paid ONE dollar for the book!!!! :-)