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Solera Winters; "Journey to the UnderWorld"

Solera Winters

"Journey to the UnderWorld"

an Olympian Seductions Novel

 The Review:

Within these pages, I found the the Gods and Goddesses I found to believe in as I read my Mythology and Greek stories through Junior High and High School are now brought to a whole new level. One here on Earth, and in the here and now. 

Kory Burke, as she prefers to go by, though, not her given name, is the daughter of Demeter, who actually prefers to be called Demi. Demeter and Kory run a Nursery, "Demeter's Nursery", which is her pride and joy. 

 Kory is taking singing lessons from a Professor Stradham, however her Mother feels that it is a waste of her talents, and feels her talents belong in the Nursery. 

Deven Thanos, is after revenge on Demeter, and learns of her daughter, and sends Kory's manager invitation for Kory to try out. Of course, this excites, Kory. 

Afterall, the television slogan for the UnderWorld is: "The UnderWorld: where sin is just another word for pleasure." To Kory, a singing gig, and for a place like the UnderWorld were a dream come true!

Deven Thanos, who is Hades, when he finally gets to meet Kory, didn't intend to, but his feelings for her were much more than he had anticipated. He wanted her in so many ways. He felt things he had never felt before. 

When Kory met Deven, she too was drawn to him, and felt things. However, she was just an innocent, and knew nothing of the World in which she entered.

On top of it all, she was a virgin. 

She tries out, and sings, and amazes even herself. Thanos shows her around, but lays down rules. He doesn't want her to see things, until he is ready. 

But curious, innocent little Kory, goes with her Mother's friends Polly and Joy, also Goddesses, that she is unaware of. And gets an eye full of shock. 

Deven and Kory end up falling for one another, deeper and deeper and keeping the relationship under hats from her Mother. 

But remember what we don't do to Mother Nature?

Unknown to Kory, her Mother is "Mother Nature" and as the phrase is commonly said: "Its not nice to fool Mother Nature." eventually, Kory 'see's' the light of day and realizes that the road she has traveled in her life, when her Mother has became angry, has resulted in things such as:

Hurricane Katrina when they once lived in New Orleans
Hurricane Sandy  when they lived in Atlantic City
Hurricane Andrew in Florida
and last but not least
Hurricane Hugo in South Carolina
and even a bad Winter Storm up North.

Eventually a nosy Hermes gets involved. And little be known to all, Hecate, had recorded the debut of Kory on her debut night, but also an added bonus. And nosy little Hermes goes to Demeter with the evidence.

Now we have a storm of the century on our hands, and Zues must get involved. 

Kory then learn the truth that Deven is Hades and her Mother is the Goddess Mother Nature, and runs from them both. She is now more confused than ever.

She must choose. 

As she does so, she too learns of her powers, and even thinks about Deven, and her Mother. 


The book was a very interesting read. I truly enjoyed the experience of the dominatrix and submissive, and how explanatory it was. 

I also enjoyed just how sexy Hades seemed, I was very much in love with him myself!


Now Here are my Questions for Solera!

 1. What made you write this book?

For several years I had the idea that the Persephone and Hades myth might make an excellent journey into D/s. It was an idea I kept coming back to. I love Greek mythology and finally when I needed an idea a couple of years ago for NanoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) I decided to write it.

2. Are any of the Characters derived from real people?

I guess if you can call the mythological gods "real." LMAO. Seriously though, there are bits and composites of real people in all my characters. It's how I make my characters come to life. I think of a trait that the character needs and then try to think of anyone I know that has that personality and while the person themselves isn't in the story, parts of them are.

3. Which character is your favorite?

No question, that has to be Deven. He captured my heart. He's just so sexy. 

4. How long have you been working on this book?

I've been working on this one since the end of 2012. It went through a couple of full revisions before it was ready for public eyes. I wrote the first draft in 30 days for the NanoWriMo that year and then put it away for awhile. 

5. What are your future writing plans?

I always have lots of plans. :) Next month I have another short coming out in a box set with several other authors called Lucky Stars. The Olympian Seductions series will go on too. I plan to release the next book in the fall. It's a real fun one with Dionysus (the god of wine and orgies--the ultimate partier). It is also set in The UnderWorld, but has a totally different feel. Dionysus falls for two mortals so it's a menage and it's a retelling of the Theseus, Ariadne and Dionysus myth. It's a little lesser known that Persephone and Hades, so that gives me a little more freedom with the story. I'm writing it now and going through all the ups and downs that requires, but I'm loving it and can't wait for readers to read that story as well.

6. What are your hobbies, besides writing?

I do a little painting (mostly acrylics) and sometimes play with ceramics. I'm an avid reader as well so try to get in reading every day too.

7. How long have you been writing?

I tried writing when I was in 6th grade in a take off of Nancy Drew mysteries. I've written off and on my entire life. In 2007 I was able to get into my writing more seriously due to my personal circumstances which changed. It's been a real joy to be able to devote substantial time to it.

8. Who are your favorite Authors?

Kim Carmichael is my bestie and one of my favorite authors to read as well. Another big favorite is Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I like them both for the same reason, they make me laugh and they make me go awww. 

9. Who inspires you?

My Sensei who I dedicated the book to is my inspiration at all times, and Kim Carmichael is the person who pushes me to be better. She's been awesome to mentor me and I know Journey to the UnderWorld would never have seen the light of day without her urging.

10. What suggestions can you offer to anyone wanting or thinking of becoming a writer?

Follow your heart and chase your dreams. It's hard work, but worth it. Be true to your muse and tell the story you want to tell no matter what. Most of all...WRITE and keep learning.

11. Does writing come easily for you?

Yes and no. When I get really into the story, it almost writes itself at times. Words fly from my fingers at those times. I'm a total panster, I write by the seat of my pants with very little plotting. That's the hard part of my process. I will be going along just fine and then suddenly I realize, I can't answer the question of what happens next. That's the time that I panic for a bit. Then I usually have a good chat with Sensei or Kim and get my story back on track. LOL

12. Have you ever had "Writers block?"

No not really. Sometimes the writing is slower than other times, but essentially there is always something to write. I push through the slow times. My main issue is finding time to write, there are always other things to be doing or that pull my attention away from the story, but once I'm at the keyboard it's happening.

13. Of your own writings..... What is your favorite Novel?

The next one. :) They all have a special place in my heart. I love UnderWorld, but Dion has captivated me for the moment. My story coming out next month, The Last Date is fun too. Choosing a favorite is like trying to choose your favorite child I suppose.

14. Please provide for us your links to your social sites, and places to find your books:

15. Anything you'd like to add:

Thank you so much for this opportunity. You're awesome Deneale. I have to say that I appreciate all you do. 

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Werewolf Nights by Mari Hamill

Werewolf Nights 
Mari Hamill

Before I even begin, allow me to inform you, that "Werewolf Nights" is in fact one of the most retweeted books in Los Angeles. This I learned VIA Mari Hamil's twitter handle is @MariHamill which ranks number 97 of the top 100 for December 2014. Check it our for yourself! I thought that would be something interesting and note worthy of sharing with my readers and followers!

Now onto my review: 

The lovely Catherine Mercy never thought she would find love ever again. Many of us have thought this a time or two, but than love always finds a way in, doesn't it, and always when we least expect it?

 Compliments of Catherine's financial difficulties, she finds herself led to 'Wolfen Manor,' where she was forbidden to visit because a werewolf lives there. Words often said to her by her own Grandmother.

Greg, who plays a Wolfen in a Movie, and is also a real wolfen, ends up being someone Catherine feels drawn to, and her heart opening up to. Is she certain this is what she wants? Should she fight it? What will she do?

Steve, Catherines friend is an expert on Werewolves. He lends an ear, and is there for her, but from time to time, she just doesn't seem to want to take it all in, or so it seems.

To complicate the story even more so, the husband Catherine had once thought to be dead- Frank is now alive and a werewolf bounty hunter. He himself has been hired to kill Greg the Wolfenn during the full moon. 

This story is written very well, and seems like a fairy tale, and that it would make a most excellent movie. 

It has everything to keep you wanting more, drawing you further into the story lines, curious with each line, in what direction the story will take, and what Catherine will do.

I give this book five stars, as I very much enjoyed it, and would strongly recommend it to others! It was truly worthy of my time! 

Here are my interview questions for Mari!

1. What made you decide to write this book?

I wanted to tell a tale that would entertain and bring joy to others.

2. How long did it take you to write this book?

It took me around three years to write the novel. Throughout the process, I worked part-time as a teacher and in many other odd jobs.

3. Who did the beautiful artistic cover on your book?

Puerto Rican artist Ivonne Falcón.

4. How long have you been writing?

I’ve been reading and writing all my life. During my studies, I did mostly theoretical and philosophical writing, but as soon as I earned my PhD, I switched to fiction.

5. What made you decide to become a writer?

Stories kept cluttering my head and I needed to get them out.

6. Is writing your passion?

Absolutely! I think about it every day. It drives me to get up in the morning and keeps me up at night.

7. What are your future writing plans?

I’m working on the sequel of Werewolf Nights and on a screenplay about the dating culture in Los Angeles.

8. Who is/are you favorite Author(s)?

That’s a tough one. Knut Hamsun’s Hunger was fantastic, and I love the book, the movie, and the screenplay of The Princess Bride by William Goldman.

9. What are your hobbies?

Yoga, dancing, good conversation, and swimming in the ocean.

10. What all education have you had?

I have a BA from Harvard in English, a DEA from the Sorbonne Nouvelle in comparative literature, and a PhD from the University of Michigan, also in comparative literature.

11. What do you suggest for people wanting to become writers?

Keep going until you achieve what you set out to do.

12. Please share with us ways to follow you, including social sites, and where to find your books:


Facebook Pages

Werewolf Nights

Google Plus Profile

13. Anything you would like to add, comments, or concerns:

Deneale, thank you for a wonderful interview! And to readers out there... stay tuned for some fun and exciting werewolf news and upcoming projects! Enjoy the novel! Follow my blog on Goodreads! Have a howling good day!

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On the Dotted Line by Kim Carmichael

On The Dotted Line 


I must admit, I wasn't certain the way this book was going to turn out. And as I was reading it, I was anticipating the millions of ways it could have literally went.

But admittedly, I found the book everything I wanted and than some. And I was so drawn into it, and in love with everything, until Stephanie walked in, and than I was like ready to climb into the pages and whoop on the woman. How dare she ruin everything! 

Randolph Van Ayers the 3rd had to be married by midnight of one of his birthdays, in order to inherit claim to his inheritance. His fiance, Stephanie never showed up for the wedding, and never gave him an explanation. Thus Randolph set out to find another woman at top speeds. Luckily for him, he found a woman also in need, whose shop was being foreclosed on. 

Randolph was up front with the woman, named Willow. He explained just about everything. All he needed was her signature on the dotted line. They would than proceed to go to Vegas and have a quick ceremony and be Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Van Ayers. 

Neither of them planned on falling in love, but it happened. And what's even worse, with this contract, come rules. For instance: they must be in bed together by midnight. On top of all of that, Willow wanted to keep their relationship a secret from her friends. Than to find out her friends: Jade and Slate, also knew Randolph. When Randolph's Mother: Lillian had their engagement party, low and behold guess who showed up? Slate and Jade. And they were a bit upset, they had suspected something was going on, but than to find this out, hurt their feelings. 

The woman who raised Willow, is named Nanette. Nan for short. At first she seemed disappointed in the arrangement, but later down the line, she knew and could see it was love. She also told Willow it was no longer her place to take care of her, but instead, someone else, like the man of her dreams. 

There are a lot of twist and turns and through out this book, as well as some great romance. And I was truly worried. As I stated, I wanted to climb into the book and handle Stephanie myself.

I found this book well worth the read, and could not put it down. I give it five stars and suggest you give it a look see as well! I promise you, you will not be disappointed!

Here are screen shots from the book. These ones are the biography on the Author Kim Carmichael:

Here are the Acknowledgements section! Please be sure and notice the names included! 

Please recommend this book to your friends! I'm sure they will thank you for it!

 Here are my Interview Questions for Kim:

1. What made you decide to write this book?
It was a concept I had for a book for a long time.  It took on many incarnations, but I really just wanted to do a modern day marriage of convenience book :-)

2. Are any of your characters derived from someone?
Maybe little facets, but not an entire character.  

3. As you write the romance, do you relate it to any situations that you have been in, or would like to have had or have had?
I would have loved to have had this romance LOL.  This one was unique in that it didn’t pull from my own experiences.

4. Ok so tell me, how much do you dislike the character Stephanie?
Can’t stand her.  When I write female villains I tend to pull traits from people I know and dislike in real life.  LOL

5. You write such interesting, romantic books, where do all these ideas come from?
Usually the world around me, something I find interesting and build on it in my head until it becomes a story.

6. Who is (are) your favorite Author(s)?
VC Andrews before she died and Johanna Lindsay

7. How long did it take you to write this book?
about 7 months

8. What other books do you have planned for us?
i am most excited about the Hollywood Stardust Trilogy - Book One, Typecast will be out in May. 

9. How long have you been writing?
10 years

10. Is writing your passion, or are you passionate about other things as well?
This is my passion for sure.

11. Have you ever written anything other than romance?
No, I’m pretty true to my genre.

12. Please provide your social sites for us to follow you:

(answered below)

13. Please provide for us links to find your books, and information on you:

The Indelibly Marked Series – Follow The Loves and Lives of Hollywood’s Hottest Tattoo Studio



Children’s Book:

Twitter: @kimcarmichael4    

14. Anything extra you would like to add:
I just want to thank everyone for supporting me:-)  Especially you!!