Thursday, August 28, 2014

"The Fault in Our Meows" by Kitty Glitter

"The Fault in Our Meows" by Kitty Glitter 

I was pleased to read my first book written by a cat. Yes, you read right. And it was quite an new found experience for me, I might add!

The cat, is very depressed because his owner Kathryn just took her own life, and he is missing her. Lucky for the cat, at one point, he makes a friend, a bird. 

The cat and bird travel and reminisce and you see through the cats eyes, heart actually-how painful it is at the loss of their humans, and how inconsiderate the humans tend to be, not thinking of others when they go on and take their own lives; and who all it will affect. 

It is a love story through the eyes of a cat, and than at the end, it is even more heart wrenching as you realize just how lost the poor kitty: Kittles is without Kathryn. I like to have cried, because I could feel the loss, as the book ended.

I however, enjoyed this book, because it was a very different read. It brings you to the reality that people need to see. One, think before you do something stupid. Two, animals needs us just as much as we need them, and three, all life matters. And I might add: for good reason. However, that's just my opinion. 

I give this book 5 stars. I realize as an ebook, the books aren't as "big" but I was left "wanting" more. I think, perhaps it has left me drawn to the Author. It is an entertaining read, in fact, I think teens would enjoy it, to help enlighten them, as to what "not" to do. I also would suggest pursuing this book along with suicide prevention, because it is a simple and understanding format, to help people "see the light!" There are many paths this book takes with enlightening the reader..... If you just open your mind.....

I personally suggest reading it, you'll see what I mean. In fact, the interview with Kitty Glitter is even rewarding. I very much enjoyed working with him, and hope to again in the future, if he will have me! 

My Interview Questions for Kitty Glitter:

1. Was there a reason behind this book?
The story was based on the feelings I had at the time I wrote it.  My favorite poet Anne Sexton used to talk about taking your mental illness and using it to create art.  I wouldn't say my writing was very artsy, but I would rather write a story about suicide than kill myself.  It all came from very genuine feelings of loss and unrequited love.

2. What kind of bird is that the was flying around with Kittles?
I pictured it as a pigeon, but it could be any bird.  I left it open so that people could imagine whatever bird was cutest to them.   
3. What kind of Kitty is Kittles?
Kittles is a regular kitty, like the kind you'd get at a shelter, not purebred.  I think I pictured him as being gray and kind of defective looking with a wonky eye.  Katy Perry has a wonky left eye, and I think it's one of the things that make her adorable.  I find perfection and symmetry to be ugly, even though those things are normally considered to be the standards for beauty

4. What drove Kathryn to suicide (or do we know?) 
Probably her boyfriend's infidelity was the trigger, but she was probably mentally ill, which is part of why she felt like the only time she ever felt okay was while riding the roller coasters at Six Flags.

5. Can you tell us about Kitty Glitter and how he/she came to exist?
When I first came out as Kitty Glitter I was pretending to be a hot black girl, and I used a picture of a model.  But that wasn't real. Later on I decided to reveal my true self, I am actually a gray male kitty.  :)
But the initial reason I published under then name Kitty Glitter was because I'd always written stories and submitted them to magazines and it never really went anywhere.  Then my friend told me to try self-publishing on Kindle and I used this fan fiction I wrote called "Wesley Crusher: Teenage Fuck Machine".  It ended up becoming a best seller.  There are a lot of articles about it, and old interviews. 
Here is an interview I did about it on

6. How many books has Kitty Glitter written?
I currently have 24 available for sale on

7. Do you write under any other pen names & if so are you willing to reveal them?
Yes, I've written one book under the name Matthew Deschanel.  I love the name Deschanel, because I love Zooey Deschanel's music.  I hate her as an actress though, it's weird, I can't stand watching her in movies or TV shows but I listen to her albums all the time and go to her concerts whenever she plays NYC.  I mean it's not just her, it's She & Him, but I feel like I only like it because of her, because her partner M. Ward is a lame hipster.
8. What are you views on catnip?
I think catnip is bad actually.  I have not used catnip in the past 18 months and actually used to have a huge problem with it.  I am involved in a 12-step program that helps me deal with this issue.

9. How many cats do you have.... Or.... Uh.... Owners....
I have no owners currently.  My owner actually was someone named Kathryn, and she abandoned me. I feel like I will never find another owner.  Nobody wants a silly gray kitty I guess.   
10. Have you ever been high on catnip?
Yes.  It was a way of escaping from pain and a way to not have to deal with life.  For me to use catnip again would be like my death.  It's a bad drug!

11. How many lives have you used up so far, if any?
I feel like I've used up eight already, I'm at my limit. My next death will be permanent.  The first eight deaths were suicides. Hanging, wrist-slashing, bridge-jumping, pills, bullet in my brain, exit bag, and two more hangings.

12. How long have you been writing?
Probably like a billion-kajillion years in kitty years.

13. How many books have you written?
This is the same as the sixth question. 
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