Monday, August 18, 2014

"Naughty Wives Collection" 1 by Reed James

Naughty Wives Collection 
by Reed James

When I started reading, I couldn't put it down. I read it in one evening. The book just grabbed me, and pulled me in. 

Husbands and wives always want to spice up their marriages, and these couples do it. And you can't help it, but follow along and read. 

Only once did I get drop jaw, and that was with the Police Officer. Frank and Evie play "naughty hooker" but for real on the streets and out of the bedroom. I knew when they were taking it to the streets, right there was a mistake. 

And low and behold an officer of the law sees her strutting her stuff on the corner, and than "A John" pick her up, and her accept money. Mistake number one. They try to convince the officer their married, and it's just for fun, but he won't hear of it. Instead he cops a feel. And in the long run, he gets the deal of a century, and makes out with the money too! 

Eventually Evie confesses to her best friend Cherry, and eventually she gets involved. Cherry's husbands job causes him to travel a lot, and he cheats, but he still loves his wife. 

My favorite is that no matter what happens, these people see and work their problems, through sexual frustration, and stay together. 

Personally, I think in the long run, the should become a four some, or swingers or something, together. But.... That's just my opinion. 

However, I enjoyed this book very much. It's very well written, easy to understand, and I very much; enjoyed it. I give it five out of five stars! 

My Interview Questions for Reed:

Image of Reed James 

1. Did you live these fantasies out, out of curiosity? If not, are they your fantasies?
No, I didn't live out any of these fantasies, they are all the product of my over-active imagination.

2. Are any of these characters by chance, you?
Afraid not. I'm far more boring than anyone in my stories.

3. How did you come up with these sexual idea's?
I don't know how it is for other erotica authors, but these are my own sexual fantasies. So when I'm 'brainstorming' I think about scenarios and keep thinking about them until they really excite me. If I'm excited, so will someone else.

4. The story behind the Evie & Frank and Officer Connolly and him stealing $160, wherever did you come up with that story? In the end, I kind of laughed. The story was intense!
The stealing the money was an after thought. I had written the story and during editing I realized that the officer had pocketed the money Frank had 'paid' his wife as part of their roleplay and it struck me as funny and a nice way to end the story.

5. Some couples might have broken up over these situations, like cheating, yet these people just became more horny and sexual. Why?
Because it's hot. Because they love each other and it gives them pleasure to see their partner experience their fantasies and have some joy. It takes a strong bond of trust to delve into the world they do, but trust is a fragile thing and it can so easily be broken. Evie skirted that line, praying that she knew her husband well enough while she enjoyed her fantasy.

6. How long have you been writing?
I have been writing off and on since Junior High. When I turned thirty a few years ago, I realized I had never seriously pursued my dream of being a writer and had let my twenties slip away. Even then, it took me a while to really develop the discipline to begin writing. I started writing a Fantasy novel and felt my writing skills weren't honed enough. So I decided to write other things for practice and I had always liked writing dirty stories, so I began doing that and posting them on free stories sites. I received a lot of great feedback and encouragement, as well as tips on cleaning up my grammar, and felt I was ready to self-publish erotica while writing my non-erotic novel.

7. What kinds of education have you had?
High School graduate and a community college drop out. Dumbest decision I ever made.

8. What all have you written thus far?
Besides the Naughty Wife Series, I've written a lesbian series called 'Seducing Straight Women' about Aurora who makes a bet that she can seduce any woman, no matter how straight, and it chronicles her various seductions. I have a supernatural story called the Virgin Possessed, a series on wifes who cheat right under their husbands noses, and I'm writing Futanari stories.

9. Have or are you currently on book tour?
I'm not on any book tours.

10. Why did you choose to write erotica?
When I was in Junior High my parents bought me a computer and I had internet access in my bedroom. This was the nineties when it was dial-up on 33.3k modem. Within the first hour I was browsing porn. No it took forever to download a single, low-res photo and that wouldn't do, but then I found, a now defunct XXX story site. I was already an avid reader and here was porn I could easily download and enjoy. Soon I was writing my own stories, but I never finished them or posted them, and then I graduated high school and started working and I stopped writing. So when I took up writing again, erotica seemed like a great way to practice my writing as well as write the sort of stories that excited me.

11. Do you yourself get horny as you write? (IE: does your own writing turn you on?)
Yes. I'm always turning myself on. If you can't turn yourself on with your erotica, then maybe you're doing it wrong. Even during rewrites and editing when I'm rereading my erotica I often get turned on.

12. Who is your favorite Author?
Robert Jordan who wrote the amazing Wheel of Time series. Not only is he my favorite author, he also has had the most profound effect on my writing style. I also enjoy Tolkein, Brandon Sanderson, David Eddings, R. Scott Bakker, Steven Eriksen, and Jim Butcher.

13. Please provide for us all of your links, to your Facebook, Twitter, web pages, etc, so your fans can find, follow and buy your books:

14. Anything you would like to add:
Thank you Deneale for providing me with this opportunity. I had a lot of fun!