Monday, August 18, 2014

"His Reign" by Sascha Illyvich (the Opeth Pack Saga Book 1)

"His Reign" the Opeth Pack Saga Book 1 
by Sacha Illyvich

As usual, here I sit, tantalized by Sacha. Wolves and sex. Oh wait..... And cigars. Oh... And more sex. This book is very interesting indeed. 

You learn of family values, per the Wolves. You end up hating Kiba, who is the current Alpha of their tribe, but has went seemingly insane. You fall in love imagining Ilona and Lukina long for, try to fix, repair and want for their Alpha and lover Józsi to protect them, and become the new pack leader.... If only they can first conquer and kill Kiba. The story takes place in America and Hungary, back and forth.  

The three wolves grew up together, but Józsi left as a young teen, because he didn't believe strongly in the prophecy, fought with Kiba, and knew sooner or later Kiba would prove to be a lousy leader. He left, but secretly came back, to check on his pack mates. He made a new life for himself, but still missed the women he loved deeply. 

One day, she arrives and fetches him to take him back, to rescue his other lover, and try to put an end to it. Eventually, he does so, and brings them back to America, it wasn't an easy task mind you. There were fights, turmoils and problems along the way. 

The book is very understanding, very deep, and heart felt. The book totally pulled me in, and kept me wanting more and more as I read! 

I give this book five stars, and encourage others to check it out, it is a very unique and deep read. Also very sensual. I found it well worth my money spent, and time reading too! 

 My Interview Questions for Sascha:

1. Is this Hungarian/Wolf language real?
Yup. Hungarian is a real language. 

2. As a frequent reader of your books, is it normal for the male Character to resemble "You" or is that just "me" doing that?
Józsi isn't actually one of "me" per se, he's actually more based on Vin Diesel from Chronicles of Riddick and Pitch Black, with some good old angst thrown in for good measure. 

3. Do you create your own wolf rules?
I do indeed.  The world itself was loosely based on the anime "Wolf's Rain" which is a very empty, almost apocalyptic world where wolves are extinct or nearly so.  Mine is not so much the same though.  Not so much extinction, just fear of the wolves from mankind.   

4. Are you "secretly" a wolf? giggling?
Come closer, Red…

5. How many wolf books have you written?
Five in the Opeth Pack Saga, Torn to Pieces makes five, Endangered coming soon from Red Sage, makes six and I'm sure I have a few more from other publishers. 

6. I've also notice cigars are in your books, and that you also smoke them. Is that too; on purpose?
As of now, it is.  The uniqueness of characters who smoke cigars is a rarity, a trait in manly men we are seeing sadly disappear from books, TV and movies in favor of some health and control nonsense.

7. Out of your books, all of them- which is your favorite and why?
Probably so far, ENDANGERED, which you'll get to review again as it comes out September first from Red Sage

8. Other than yourself, whom is your favorite Author?
Even though I heard less than great things about The King, I'd still have to say JR  Ward.  I have to read the book and make up my own mind, obviously. Her dark worlds and characters inspire me to bring out the inner demons of my own characters. 

9. What are your favorite books to read?
Paranormal romances mostly. 

10. How much time do you spend writing?
Depends on if I'm on deadline or not.  I can knock out a first draft in two months with a total of 400 pages written, or about 100,000 words just in the draft alone.

11. What is your favorite cigar and why?
It's a toss-up between the Don Cervantes Masaterpiece Platinum, the Tres Maduro or the Propio Léon all by ACC Cigars.  All three cigars are masterfully made by the folks at ACC Cigars using the finest tobaccos to create a complex, rich flavor that's satisfying and rewarding to those who can afford the price of quality. 

12. Do you pen pal or epal with your fans?

13. Currently how big is your fan base?
Ginormous and growing!

14. Are you married or involved?
Those involved know the answer.

15. Do you get "horny" as you write your own sex scenes?
I fap it twice a day, so…maybe.

16. As always: please include all links, and ways to contact you:

17. Any additional comments you'd like to include:
Look out for Fall Into Love, Book Four of the Opeth Pack Saga coming soon from Secret Cravings, and ENDANGERED coming out from Red Sage September 1st!  On that note, I hope you enjoy reading my books and I thank all my fans, old and new for supporting me.  You're a part of my world!