Monday, October 13, 2014

"Running Outta Time" by Scott Curtis

The book: "Running Outta Time" is as the cover states- three complete novels. The novelist who wrote it: Scott Curtis. This being his third published novel, the others include: "Mommy's Choice" and "Life Could Be a Dream!"
The first story: "One Crazy Summer" is about teens that work at a department store, and through the death of a fellow employee, learn about the possibility of money hidden within the store.

The story line, makes you want to keep reading, just to find out- to see what happens next. Your curiosity will get the best of you, and you will keep reading.

The best part, is that there are twists and turns, and things you really didn't "expect" per say. You will feel bad for the characters; you will bond with them, and feel like you too, are searching to solve this mystery.

The next story: "Brooksie" is about time travel. There is a door in Eddie's basement, which leads him to 1928, and into an amusement park. But within this town, there are "rules!"

Eddie meets Brooksie, a famous actress in hiding from her Manager. He learns of a missing person from his era, who resides within 1928, because he too- went through the door in his basement. Eddie, in order to learn about the actress whose name is really Patience Webb, researches online, while in his era. He learns she will die, and wants to prevent this from happening. Much to our surprise at the end, as to if she dies, and how....

You need to read this story, to learn the details! BUT! My favorite part about this particular story, was the story within a story. Eddie and Patience/Brooksie find a book while they are hiding out from her Manager/fiancé. They start reading a loud, to help them relax. As they read it, the author is kind enough to share it with us, and the book they are reading, is just as interesting!!

The next story: "Daylight in Blossom" is about two cousins, and their nightmares, if you will. Through their nightmares, and protecting one another- Autumn becomes convinced that her cousin is a superhero. He has always came to her rescue, and has tragic events in his life, and only gets wounded, never seeming to die.

Through out this book, you start to think that maybe Autumn is just a wee bit insane, or could possibly have other things wrong with her, and maybe she ought to seek medical attention. As the book goes on, and you realize the tragedy that Autumn and her cousin Tyler have gone through as children, it is then that you feel compelled to understand and feel bad for her.

Autumn has a pet hamster Chuckles, and that too- is an amazing tale as to how she "acquired" her hamster. And apparently through traveling-air lines seem to not permit hamsters. So Autumn must figure out what to do with her hamster.

The part that made me laugh most, was at the end of the book. You think its over, and the story is done, and then you have: "But wait...Aren't there usually more scenes during the credits?" And then we have three more scenes that will make you laugh! And these scenes DO go along with the book!
All together, I was utterly and totally impressed. As I kept reading, I didn't want to put the book down!

I just had to know more! If and when I put the book down, I would wonder about what would happen next.

If your reading material is lacking the desire to read it, you need to give Author: Scott Curtis a try. Scott Curtis is his "pen name." He lives in Munroe Falls, Ohio and has two sons and has been marries for well over eighteen years.

To reach this author simply

I give this book two thumbs up, and more if I had them! On a scale of one through ten, a definite ten!